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Dangers of not maintaining your critical UPS, Generator or cooling solution

Published by Jason Koffler on 09 September 2021

As we’re left reeling from the effects of COVID-19, we’re acutely aware that every minute counts. Therefore, it’s even more important than ever that you don’t risk downtime. By keeping on top of the maintenance of essential equipment, like your UPS, generator, and cooling solutions, you’ll be far less likely to encounter wasted time and costs associated with faults in your backup power supply system, or worse, a catastrophic power failure.

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The Risks Associated With Loss of Power

Even the briefest power interruption can have a costly impact on businesses. In 2019, a major power cut left millions of homes and businesses in England and Wales without electricity. Manufacturing processes were halted, trains ground to a halt, commuters experienced delays, and there was chaos for retailers, IT systems, and businesses across the UK.

The fact is, energy loss can cause a loss of productivity, as well as damage to equipment and a business’s reputation. That’s why it’s essential that you don’t take shortcuts with the maintenance of your UPS, generator and cooling system.

Here at Critical Power, there are several options to choose from.

1. Annual Preventative Maintenance Plans

With our annual preventative maintenance plan, an engineer will visit once a year to check your equipment’s condition and the environment surrounding it to ensure your system is not being compromised. A qualified engineer will carry out electrical and mechanical testing, ensure the software is up to date and current, and issue a full findings report highlighting any potential problems. The plan includes access to round the clock technical support.

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2. Emergency Call Out Plans

With an emergency call out plan, we dispatch a certified service engineer to the site whenever a situation requires it. The plan can include 24/7 remote monitoring from our dedicated service centre to identify any problems or incidents and provide immediate assistance.

3. Fixed Cost Maintenance Plans

We offer a range of maintenance plans. For example, you can choose to cover parts only or opt for a comprehensive plan that includes everything from remote monitoring 24/7 to emergency response within four hours.

4. Battery Maintenance

One failed battery could bring down an entire UPS battery string. We can provide battery maintenance, testing, replacement and disposal as a stand-alone service or as part of a preventative maintenance solution.

Ad Hoc Service Visits

We always advise our customers to replace items according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure maximum field life. Then, with ad hoc visits, an engineer can stay on top of replacements and carry out the necessary work at each visit.

For example, batteries generally come with a two to three-year warranty, a five-year warranty, or even a ten year plus design life, depending on their type and design. Capacitors, which are at the very heart of your UPS solution, should be changed between five and seven years according to the design of your UPS. Failure to do so could result in the requirement for expensive emergency call-outs or even the load being dropped. Fans are generally replaced within eight to 10 years as part of a refurbishment but may need replacing sooner.

The Benefits of Fixed Cost Maintenance Plans

With a fixed cost maintenance plan, an engineer ensures your equipment is in the best possible condition, prolonging its working life and preventing problems. Different plans provide different response times in the event of an urgent situation.

Critical Power can assist with bespoke maintenance plans specifically tailored for your installation, budget and response time requirements. With access to a nationwide service engineer network, we can offer expert and certified repair, maintenance and support for the leading brands. Our visits can include load banks to ensure systems are tested in line with the project design, whereby we certify your installation is working as it should. In addition, we offer remote monitoring of your UPS, generator or air conditioning, which gives you peace of mind that we will detect any problems as soon as possible and take the necessary steps to put things right.

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