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Did you know you could be making money from the electricity generated by your renewable technology installation?

Published by Jason Koffler on 02 August 2010

Did you know you could be making money from the electricity generated by your renewable technology installation?

Critical Power Supplies has pleasure in bringing you this information which was original seen on the Energy Saving Trust website.

If you have installed, or are thinking about installing, a renewable technology which produces electricity, such as a solar electricity (PV) system, you may be able to get paid for the electricity it produces.

Use The Energy Saving Trust Cashback Calculator

To help you discover how much money you could potentially earn and save when installing renewable technologies.

Read the guidance below to help you in your search.
Choosing the right tariff

The answers to the following questions should help you understand how the savings and earnings choose the right buy back tariff for your situation:

Do you expect to use most of the electricity you generate at home?

This will depend on your lifestyle, and can be affected by the type of technology you have. If you are generating electricity using Solar PV panels then you will only produce electricity during the day. If you are out of the house most of the day you are likely to export more energy.

Will you need to install a new meter?

  • Total Generation Meter: Most tariffs will require you to have an Ofgem approved Total Generation Meter which should be installed with your system. Total Generation Meters give a running total of the electricity generated by the system in kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Export Meter: Most export tariffs require you to have an export meter installed. Some companies will pay for the meter and its installation whereas others may charge you. It is important that you establish the costs before agreeing a contract.

Will it affect your import supply?

Most buy back tariffs are dependent on the customer getting their import supply from the same energy supplier, and some suppliers limit the choice of available import tariffs that can be used.

You should check tariffs are on offer from the supplier purchasing your electricity generation and how much your annual bill will be. You will want to take these costs into consideration alongside the export/generation tariff payment.

This article was produced at the Energy Saving trust website.