Managed PDUs and Remote Monitoring – November 2011

Managed PDUs and Remote Monitoring

Control and manage electricity use, optimise PUE and avoid overloads with Smart PDU and remote monitoring.

In high-density computing and telecommunications environments, taking control of and managing energy consumption is no longer a choice. It’s an imperative. Electricity can often be needlessly wasted because of a lack of information about where and how it’s being used. Equipment can ‘lock up’ due to a system overload and require a manual re-boot, which if no engineer is onsite, can cause delay and downtime. Managed or ‘Smart’ PDUs with remote monitoring are the answer. This article explains how:

• Remote monitoring improves outlet and device-level visibility and offers system and individual equipment and socket-level control of your power distribution.
• Remote monitoring avoids the need for an engineer site visit to reboot equipment, reduces delay and cuts downtime.
• Remote monitoring enables you to meet CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme targets and optimise PUE (power usage effectiveness) by providing a full overview of ambient temperature, power draw kVA, kW and power factor. Read more…..

A power distribution unit (PDU) is fitted with multiple appliance or device outlets and is designed to distribute electricity to computers and networking equipment located within a data centre or facility.

Intelligent PDUs feature remote monitoring and control, down to an individual socket level, using software and serial connections or local area networks (LANs) and allowing for remote alarm and LED notification and interrogation by operators. Certain manufactures include environmental monitoring, which employs dry sensors to check temperature and humidity levels.

Intelligent Power Distribution

In heavy electrical environments, such as telecommunications and communications networks, data centres and computer rooms, metered, intelligent and switched power distribution units enable management of network power and electricity use. Today’s power distribution systems for data centres are designed to assist with efficiency initiatives such as PuE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and DCiE (Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency) scores.

One of the challenges in selecting PDUs is to balance the cost with energy-management goals and the cost-savings that can be achievable from more intelligent use of electrical energy. Inexpensive rack PDUs distribute power effectively but they offer little understanding or control of that energy flow.

A Smart PDU with remote monitoring can really pay for itself in a very short time by enabling users to:

• Power outlets on and off remotely and quickly restore power to locked up equipment, thus negate the need for an engineer site visit.
• Turn off unused outlets to control power use, prevent unauthorised use, avoid accidental overloads and control where equipment is deployed, thus saving on energy consumption and avoiding equipment downtime.
• Set equipment at start-up to avoid overloads and offer complete control of power up sequencing and time delays, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime.
• Set up outlet groups and multiple PDUs so that you can control them all with a single command, thus making operation more efficient overall.
• Control outlets effectively during power failures, thus enabling you to quickly switch off non-essential equipment and efficiently get power to where it’s needed most for critical servers and networking equipment, thus lengthening the during that your critical UPS can support the load.

We supply a range of single and three-phase power distribution units – from the very basic (consisting of output socket and mains lead) to a fully-functioning, switched PDU with power monitoring and superior voltage regulation, stabilising capability and power factor correction. The rest of the range includes: in-line, metered, smart, switched and intelligent PDUs. They can be fully customised to match the specific needs of each installation.

If you would like to know more about our range of managed PDUs with remote monitoring, or indeed any of our products or services, please call: 0845 519 3638, fill in our contacts form, or send us an email with your details and we’ll call you.

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