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Why UPS and Power Solutions Matter in the Manufacturing Industry

Published by Jason Koffler on 20 October 2017

Why Manufacturing?

Businesses rely on their production facility – any power failure in any single step can cause cost intensive downtime, losing sales, business and increasing costs. Just-in-time supply chains are even more at risk – just a tiny hiccup can affect production dramatically.

It’s not just those with 24/7 operations that benefit from uninterruptible power supplies. The large machinery used in most industrial processes is also more susceptible to power problems, causing transients, harmonics, brownouts, and electrical distortions.

Our five steps of Critical Power Planning

1 – Industrial UPS.

There are significant differences between industrial UPS and those found in commercial, computer or data processing environments. Anticipated design life is one. Industrial plant machinery and systems are designed to last for 15-20 years, whereas in comparison technology advances means computer systems become quickly obsolete.

Industrial UPS also need to cope with environmental conditions associated with heavy-duty territories or potentially harmful dust, dirt or chemicals. Initially more expensive to buy and install, industrial UPS have considerably lower lifetime costs and total cost of ownership than standard commercial systems. Our knowledge will help you get a UPS that works for your production processes.

2 – Generator solutions.

We have skilled knowledge of what reliable power generators are available in the marketplace and what suits your business, as well as how these generators operate in different manufacturing environments, their efficiency and how synchronised they are with other power protection equipment. We supply and install generators and handle every aspect of project management including complex electrics and dealing with planning authorities, landlords, fire services and insurance companies.

One of the great features of a combined Generator and UPS enabled Critical Power Path is a reduced 3 – 5 minutes UPS battery set and the Generator fuel tank sized from 8 hours to days. Adding a generator to your Critical Power Path installs an extra valuable layer of resiliency in your power design.

3 – Free Site Surveys.

Critical Power Supplies provides free of charge site audits and reports on how Critical Power Paths can be strengthened across your manufacturing business through the use of Single, N+1 or N_1 Solutions.

To claim your free Site Survey, or to get more information, contact us any time on 0800 978 8988.

4 – In Life Management.

Whether your Critical Power Infrastructure is remotely monitored or locally monitored, we provide knowledge and assistance in the design, implementation and in life management of power solutions from PDU’s to switchboard, UPS to generators, including remote monitoring via our “Galaxy” remote monitoring process.

5 – Installation and Recycling.

Whether it is delivery and commissioning or a turnkey project solution, Critical Power Supplies and our in house installation team can assist with Power Designs and installation in line with 17th Edition Regulations BS BS7671: 2008. Our installations are covered by relevant insurance and back by our Professional Indemnity guarantee.

Why choose Critical Power?
• Our design capabilities create power protection systems (from entry-level to 6MVA) that will last the lifetime of the plant for industrial applications.
• We also offer assurance, the highest levels of reliability, resilience, robustness and cost-effectiveness possible.
• Critical Power Supplies are manufacturer independent. We choose the best solution, rather than taking all the offering from one manufacturer.
• Our experienced engineering staff are accredited and certified to OHSAS 18001, Construction Line, SAFEcontractor and Personal Trackside Safety (PTS), as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.
• When you work with us, you can be assured you are adhering to all applicable health & safety and industry-specific standards and regulations.
• We supply the most up-to-date, energy efficient products and solutions, offer trade in on certain equipment and licensed to dispose of end-of-life electrical equipment and batteries, to fulfill your environmental needs.

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