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Need a Quiet IT and Critical Power Supply but Don’t Have the Room?

Published by Jason Koffler on 14 January 2019

And, since your business must run even when the power goes out, you need a critical power supply that delivers 24/7.

But perhaps you don’t have the space for a dedicated IT room, let alone the critical power supplies to run it. Maybe you also don’t have the time to search high and low for an on-site installation service.

At Critical Power Supplies, we get that. That’s why we provide the entire APC NetShelter CX range—installed on-site—without no hassle to you.

Why NetShelter CX?

A NetShelter CX IT system gives your company the edge as you seek to reduce cost while boosting your productivity. It’s the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise-level businesses who want to expand their operations without excessive costs.

We call it a ‘Server Room in a Box’, because it does everything a server room can do—without the hassle or space requirements. Here are just a few of its advantages.


NetShelter CX is the most dependable server rack enclosure on the market today. It’s also the quietest. With broadband 18.5 dB noise-reduction technology, you can install your IT system inside your office—a game-changer for small businesses. The secret lies in its exclusive ‘Quiet Enclosure’, a sleek, soundproof casing designed to dampen sounds to less than a whisper. An acoustic foam lining soaks up all the noise, leaving you with an office that gives you a quiet space to think.


We can custom-configure the rack—and its casing—to harmonise beautifully with your office décor. As small as 19 inches in width, a NetShelter CX system will take up little room in your office. A small corner will do. The enclosure comes with a neutral oak veneer exterior as standard, that blends seamlessly into the background.

No-hassle installation:

Our expert technicians can install your compact system whenever and wherever you need it—with no disruption to your business. Go about your regular work—and when we finish, you’ll have a fully functional IT system with a great look.

Less deployment time:

Because a NetShelter CX enclosure is so compact, it also takes less time to deploy than more traditional solutions.


The system’s ‘plug-and-play’ construction allows you to roll it anywhere you need it. If you are operating in a temporary location, or want to open a new branch, a NetShelter CX is a great solution to the challenge of getting your IT up and running fast. We’ll just move it in, install your equipment, plug it in, and close the doors. After it’s set up, you won’t need us. You can simply move the unit wherever you need.


Not only will you not have to lease extra space for your IT equipment, but you’ll also not pay as much as you would for a traditional IT solution. With the NetShelter CX, you won’t have to pay for pricey office remodels, as the solution will work almost anywhere without any modifications. All you need is an electrical outlet.


At Critical Power Supplies, our service doesn’t stop at the installation. We can perform routine maintenance tasks and any needed repairs if you don’t have an IT maintenance team on site. Because these systems are designed to hold up under the wear-and-tear of daily office use, they require less maintenance than bulkier systems with their own dedicated room and technician.

Easily expandable:

With the NetShelter CX system’s toolless rack mounting capability, you won’t need extra tools to mount units. Simply install units easily and quickly at the rear of your enclosure.

Depend on Our NICEIC Electrical Installations for Your System

Getting the right electrical contractor is a big part of your investment in an IT system. For that reason, we insist that all our technicians earn their NICEIC certification before they go to work on your installation. Quality is a key concern at Critical Power, and we take safety and dependability as seriously as you do by only performing NICEIC electrical installations.
Custom Capabilities Give You a Flexible IT Solution

With NetShelter CX, flexibility and versatility are easily achievable . Critical Power Supplies offers you custom assemble-to-order options, with installation times only marginally longer than those associated with our catalogue items.

A team of experienced rack-building technicians and expert project managers can give you the design of your dreams. Just give us your height, depth, and width requirements and performance expectations—and we’ll construct an inside layout that fits your specifications.

From color-coding to special outlet configurations, we can construct most of your custom design at our facility, reducing the downtime caused by field modifications in your office.

With our systems, it’s easy to add or remove features as you require. Modular construction and flexible design allow us to accommodate all your needs—whether these are increased capabilities or an aesthetic change when you redecorate your workspace.
Secure and Durable Construction

When you invest in an IT system, durability and security are always at the back of your mind. You may wonder, ‘If I don’t have a special room for my IT equipment, how can I know if my confidential client information will stay out of the wrong hands? And, how long can I expect a portable solution to last?’


No worries here. NetShelter CX systems have lockable front doors. Every bit as secure as a dedicated room, your client information will stay confidential when you only allow specified personnel access to the system.


Just because a system is portable doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. Because we know that the NetShelter CX system will be where all the action is, we build everything to last, from the racks to the protective casing, even with heavy use.

Innovative and flexible, the NetShelter CX enclosure gives you a cost-effective way to have leading-edge technology with a smaller footprint. Discover all the advantages NetShelter CX offers your business. Contact the IT and critical power experts at Critical Power Supplies today.