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PXE - Unit Metered iPDU

Published by Jason Koffler on 15 January 2014

The Raritan PXE family of rack power distribution units (PDUs) offers real-time remote unit-level power monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh). The PXE also supports Raritan’s plug-and-play environmental sensors. Users can define thresholds and receive alerts when thresholds are crossed for both power and environmental events.

The PXE series is available in Zero U and 1U form factors with NEMA, IEC and other plugs and receptacles. Power information can be monitored, and the PXE configured, via a user-friendly Web browser GUI or command line interface. Power information is also displayed at the PDU locally. Security is ensured with up to 256-bit encryption, strong passwords and advanced authorization options, including permissions, LDAP/S and Active Directory.

Many data center managers know the APC brand and their models of PDUs. To simplify selecting an appropriate PDU, Raritan has included the comparable APC models in the table below. The table includes the Raritan PXE model, the comparable APC model and the specifications of the PXE model. In many cases the specifications of the PXE and APC models are the same. In some cases there are slight differences.

Competitive Differentiator: STRIP-LEVEL METERED PDUS

Raritan PXE APC Form Plug Volts Phase Amps kVA Outlets
PXE-1190R AP7821 1U IEC 60309 16A 230 – 240V Single 16 3.7 – 3.8 8 x IEC C-13
PXE-1488 AP8858 Zero U IEC 60309 16A 230 – 240V Single 16 3.7 – 3.8 20 x IEC C-13 & 4 x IEC C-19
PXE-1493 Zero U IEC 60309 32A 230 – 240V Single 32 7.4 – 7.7 20 x IEC C-13 & 4 x IEC C-19
PXE-1847 AP8853 Zero U IEC 60309 32A 230 – 240V Single 32 7.4 – 7.7 36 x IEC C-13 & 6 x IEC C-19