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Power Site Survey Vs Audit

Published by Jason Koffler on 23 March 2012

Power protection is only one aspect of operating critical systems optimally. These days, it’s all about energy management and better equipment utilisation. But how do you know where inefficiencies exist? Where you are using more energy than you need to or where your vulnerabilities to availability lie? How do you know if your power protection system is adequate or if it’s running optimally? All this and more can be revealed through a detailed site survey.

Critical Power Supplies carries out detailed site surveys on behalf of power protection clients throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. It could be at the start of a new project or on an existing power continuity system. Either way, it provides clients with a power continuity plan optimised specifically for them.

A site survey will help to analyse power problems – such as can be experienced when different load types on the same electricity distribution system conflict resulting in spikes, transients, harmonics and other power problems. This is particularly useful in data centre environments where a variety of equipment, of differing load types (linear and non-linear) run on the same system.

Existing UPS System

Carried out by our nationwide team of experienced and professional energy specialists, and deploying a range of onsite data collection devices, thermal imaging equipment (if necessary) and an expert eye, a site survey of an existing installation will reveal whether or not your UPS (and associated equipment) is operating as it should be. The detailed report we supply at the end of the procedure details all of the findings and lists any recommendations we feel will support your goals.

We’ll also give you advice on maintenance and how to keep your system in top condition and operating at peak performance. We’ll tell you about consumable replacement (such as batteries, fans and capacitors) so that you get maximum life out of them but without risking a breakdown.

We’ll also report our findings on the environmental impact of your system: how much energy it uses, heat output (and therefore how much cooling is required for battery preservation) and what you might get if you were to upgrade to the latest technology. We’ll highlight where you can save money.

We will also make sure your system is sized properly to enable it to deal with anything life may throw at it today – without being grossly over-sized and inefficient – while allowing for expansion and the needs of tomorrow.

New UPS Installations

Our detailed and thorough site survey (free of charge for new installations) will help us to plan the most resilient power continuity system specifically suited to your type of application. The survey will cover everything – from electrical installation, logistics, commissioning and how it will be handled, testing, client handover and details of any training that your operators will require.

We also offer battery health check and load bank testing.

For more information, to talk to us about site surveys or to book a site survey, call 0800 978 8988 or click here