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Accurate AC power monitoring

Published by Jason Koffler on 11 September 2015

As you can’t manage what you don’t measure, the focus on energy efficiency has to go hand in hand with the evolution of smart products to measure the energy consumption and the accuracy of metrics to measure efficiency and its trends over time.

Racktivity’s AC²Meter is an innovative power monitoring and management solution suitable for every enterprise.

The 8 input AC²Meter can be installed at the AC power distribution board and is fully compatible with both the Racktivity DCPM (Data Centre Power Management) software as well as third party DCIM solutions, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage the status of every single power consumer outside the IT racks.

Tighter SLA’s and the pressure on carbon footprint reduction are increasingly forcing data centre managers to consider how to meter and manage these critical elements. The AC²Meter is a flexible device that offers power monitoring, metering, remote connectivity and supports environmental monitoring enabling visibility and control over the infrastructure.

Easy mountable

The unit features a DIN rail mountable design and Ethernet connectivity with up to 8 inputs for current measurements.

Thanks to the use of a split-core current transducer, no power is cut off during installation in existing environments, making the AC²Meter a suitable and easy to integrate device for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

The AC²Meter can be used in 1 phase system, 3 phase systems or in a combination thereof and is self-powered via first phase.

The AC²Meter automatically detects on what phase a current sensor is connected and supports different range types of current transducers, varying from 25A to 1.500A.
The user can configure different groups to make the sum of different current sensors and calculate CurrentSUM or neutral current in case of 3 phase measurement and total power & kWh/group.


Unlike other sensors, the Racktivity AC²Meter is able to measure and calculate true AC power consumption using a higher sampling frequency on a per outlet basis for both Voltage and Amperage (25.000 samples per second).
This level of detail is essential for accurate power management and allows for a better monitoring, in-time warnings and actions to deliver higher uptime by enhancing disaster prevention and recovery strategies.

These measurements can be displayed within the built-in OLED display or collected, graphed and analyzed through DCPM (Racktivity’s power & environmental management software) or a third party software suite.

Accurate measurements of power usage help identify cases where cooling installations, generators or other components may be under or over performing for a given site design.
The data centre manager uses this data to monitor, analyze, streamline and where necessary, optimize operations.


Thanks to the AC²Meter, the data centre manager can plan capacity and avoid inefficient power usage.

The sensor can be equipped with external environmental sensors to – in addition to power metering – offer environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and motion detection as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and so on.

The AC²Meter features event driven logging and programmable thresholds for alarm notifications to quickly alert administrators of local power and environmental issues enabling them to respond to behavior deemed deviant and prevent disaster.

This sensor gives the data centre the tools in hand to measure and analyze their energy consumption in order to prevent downtime and reduce their carbon footprint.