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Did you know about SDMO?

Published by Jason Koffler on 06 June 2010

We at Critical Power Supplies are proud of our association with SDMO and did you know that?

In 2009 SDMO commenced construction of an extension of 15,000 m ² of their most recent factory – Kergaradec II.

Within this project, there will be the creation of a research laboratory, the modernisation of the training school and the setting-up of a new sound levels test area.

This new facility compliments the existing factory PORTABLE POWER generating sets and low-capacity POWER PRODUCTS

POWER PRODUCTS range from 40kVA – Kergaradec 1 POWER PRODUCTS series
and production site for RENTAL POWER generating sets and manufacturing special POWER SOLUTIONS applications – Villeneuve plant.

SDMO Energy Ltd

Today’s electricity is the life and blood of a modern economy and without its business, commerce, industry, and even life itself is threatened.

It is therefore essential that consumers of power whoever they are, need to have a reliable source of electricity that is backed up in the event of failure.

Factories, offices, computer centres, hospitals, super stores, defence establishment, communication, headquarters, airports and utilities all have standby power installed to protect their complex operations, against power outrages that eventually occur at some time.

SDMO Energy ltd is the wholly owned sales and marketing subsidiary of the SDMO Group, located in two centres, firstly in Byfleet, Surrey, this is our head office and project divisions who specify from ranges 650kva to 3300kva generating sets. The other division is located in Middlewich, Cheshire which is our Portable, Power Products and Rental Division who specify in ranges from 1.25kva up to 700kva Generating sets.

The company is fully resourced to provide a complete technical and commercial service to its clients in both the UK and overseas.