New SMA Solar Technology and Fuel Cell Information Available

Critical Power Supplies has pleasure in announcing additional information on SMA products, white papers and technical notes has been uploaded. Please check our download section for more information on SMA Solar Technology, solar monitoring and SMA Fuel Cells.

The following information is now available by clicking on the relevant file below or visiting our comprehensive download section. Alternatively please request a call back or request additional information we will be happy to discuss your application over the phone or in person.

SMA Application of Battery Strings
SMA Solar standalone Power and Backup Supply
SMA Battery Management
SMA Beam with Bluetooth Communciation
SMA Grid Guard
SMA Hydro Boy Fuel Cell Solutions
SMA Hydro Boy Fuel Cell 1124/1324
SMA Hydro Boy Fuel Cell Technical Note
SMA Monitoring Simple and Securely
SMA Sunny Explore Software
SMA Optimised Solar Tracking
SMA Solar Switch
SMA Sunny Boy Mini Central 4600-6000
SMA Sunny Boy Mini Central 7000
SMA Tripower 10000-17000W
SMA White Description of Grid Monitoring and Active Islanding Detection
SMA Windy Boy Protection Box
SMA Windy Boy Upto 2500-3000
SMA Windy Boy 5000-7000
SMA Windy Boy Upto 21KW

Additional information on SMA .


A CO2-neutral energy concept. An efficient, highly flexible production process. A four-gigawatt production capacity spread over 18,000 square meters of floor space: With the largest inverter factory in the world, *SMA Solar Technology AG is positioning itself as a leader in climate protection and setting new industrial production standards with its energy and building concept. Good for the environment. Good for the employees. Imitation is welcome.

Technological Leaders.

As technological leaders, we know what our clients want: SMA develops and manufactures highly efficient solar inverters for any installation size, all power classes and any specifications worldwide, regardless of the type of solar modules.

Unequaled for innovation

Whether it is the Electronic Solar Switch, OptiTrac or H5-Topology: SMA with our speed for innovation we leave others far behind us. A development team with 450 members and at least five innovations a year speak for themselves.

13 SMA foreign subsidiaries on four continents: we are a strong partner for our clients worldwide. With the Sunny PRO Club and the SMA Solar Academy. And an exceptional service concept.


Either one has it or not: experience is irreplaceable. In our case it consists of 29 years in systems technology for photovoltaics. Perhaps this is the reason why our inverters are more reliable and long-lived than any other device on the market.

SMA the company.

Headquarters: Kassel/Niestetal, Germany

Founded: 1981
Number of Employees: more than 5,000 (incl. temporary staff)
Turnover: more than € 934 Mio. (2009)
Product areas: Solar Technology, Innovative Energy Systems

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