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Trade in your old UPS and Generator

Published by Jason Koffler on 23 March 2012

It’s a fact that every piece of machinery comes to the end of its useful life at some point or other and UPS and generators are no different. Even if they are still in working order, as technology evolves and new, more energy efficient products are introduced, there comes a time when it’s no longer economic to keep operating an existing system. The good news is, we offer generous trade in on old equipment. We are authorised and licensed to dispose of old, out-of-date UPS, generators and UPS batteries and we do so responsibly and cost effectively.

Yes, that’s right! There’s value in old, outdated equipment that can be realised when you buy a new system.

At Critical Power Supplies, you just need to call and tell us what you have and what you want. We will come and undertake a site survey, make recommendations about your replacement system and make arrangements to have the old one either re-deployed elsewhere in your organisation (if suitable) or removed for recycling or licensed disposal.

Upgrading to a new system will bring many advantages. It’ll be more energy efficient for one, with more functionality and intelligence built in, which will provide you with more information about the way in which it operates and its environment. It’ll offer many more features, such as different operating modes, more streamlined power conversion and better inverter technology.

Today’s UPS are sophisticated computerised units that provide data that can assist with energy management and system utilisation. They still perform the primary function of bridging the gap between mains failure and generator start-up but they also continually feed connected loads with a conditioned and filtered supply of clean electricity and in so doing collect and communicate data about a facility’s energy use, and this can help optimise energy management and cooling.

If you have a UPS power protection system, seven years or older, our consultants can help you upgrade to the latest solution, while offering a generous trade in on your old system.