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When time is up for a UPS, how do you go about repairing or replacing it?

Published by Jason Koffler on 14 December 2015

Literally 1000’s of UPS have been installed across the UK over the last 15 years. While many systems are designed with an element of future-proofing in terms of capacity, the actuality is that with a standard design life of 10 years, many functioning UPS installations are long overdue being replaced. However, budgets can mean this is not always an immediate option, which is where alternatives should be considered – repair or replace?

Critical Power’s detailed surveys, explore the entire installation to determine elements that need either repairing or replacing. This could be the batteries or battery sets, which in some instances only have a 5 year design life, and yet are a key critical UPS component. In fact, battery replacement should really form a planned part of any ongoing maintenance programme. Alternatively, it could involve replacement of an individual UPS within a chain, which in the case of older systems can often be oversized, take up valuable space and capacity, resulting in poor operating efficiencies and potentially higher electricity bills.
When repair is not an option and it comes down to replacement; Critical Power is fully certified for environmental disposal using approved Waste Carriers and WEEE Recycling Centres. So, the headache of what do with outdated or inefficient elements of your UPS installation is completely removed.