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UPS Recycling - December 2011

Published by Jason Koffler on 20 December 2011

UPS recycling can save money and the planet

A whole industry has built up around recycling and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) is no different. Dozens of companies now offer to remove old, outdated power protection equipment and dispose of it. But recycling can also mean reusing such appliances elsewhere in the business and any critical power provider worth their salt should advise clients when and where it is possible. And if it isn’t, they should take responsibility for recycling and/or conscious disposal. Here are a few tips on what to look for in such a supplier:

“Green” credentials

Many so called UPS recycling companies behave in much the same way as scrap merchants in that they take equipment and dispose of it wherever they can, for the best price and rarely with any thought for environmental concerns. Sadly, you could unwittingly end up sending your old UPS system to landfill in a foreign country.

Before you say “yes” to any company, check out their green credentials and make sure they are not just paying lip service to ethical concerns. Look at their website: what is their environmental policy? What environmental organisations or professional associations are they affiliated with or do they support? With which manufacturers are they associated and what are their green stipulations? Ask them to supply references and most importantly, ask what happens to the equipment once it is removed from your premises.

It is also important to ensure that the service they provide is in line with UK and European environmental standards and policies and that they are licensed to dispose of toxic waste such as UPS batteries.

Trade in, trade up

Any reputable supplier should offer generous trade in on existing equipment – irrespective of which brand it is or whether or not the equipment is in working order. There is value in old equipment for companies that offer UPS recycling which they should be prepared to share with the customer and often this takes the form of generous trade in, trade up against new equipment.

Do they operate nationwide?

It is unlikely that a local company will be able to offer the scope or scale of service that a nationwide (or even international) company can. If they offer such a service at all (and are licensed and regulated to do so), the service may involved either one or more third-parties at some point along the line as equipment makes its journey from your site to where it will be recycled or disposed of. You have no way of knowing or finding out the credentials of any third-parties involved. You may think you are dealing with a genuine and ethical company (and your local provider may well be such) but what guarantees can they give you that the people they deal with along the line are too?

Recycling may not necessarily mean “throw away”

At Critical Power Supplies, we look for ways to recycle existing UPS (that are being upgraded and that are still in working order) onsite so that our customers get even better value out of them. It is often easier than it might appear to find a new home for old equipment within the same organisation and we have plenty of examples of replaced equipment being moved from protecting mission-critical applications to protecting back office systems for another three or four years.

At Critical Power Supplies, we offer generous trade in on old, out of date ups and we make sure it is (where possible) recycled and/or disposed of in accordance with industry standard regulations. We operate nationwide (including Northern Ireland), are accredited to handle products on behalf of many of the leading UPS manufacturers and can advise on appropriate and suitable reuse, recycling and disposal of existing appliances.

If you have a question about UPS disposal and recycling or UPS battery disposal under license, or would like to know more about any of our products or services, please call: 0845 519 3638, fill in our contacts form, or send us an email with your details and we’ll call you.