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UPS service, support and maintenance

Published by Jason Koffler on 20 September 2011

Power protection (such as uninterruptible power supply and generators), energy management and cooling equipment is complex. Each key element comprises both mechanical and computerised components that work together to provide an elegant and sophisticated system of engineering. Like any car, it requires regular and routine maintenance and servicing to keep it in pristine condition and perfect working order. And, like any car, such a system contains consumable parts (such as batteries, fans and capacitors) that will degrade with wear over time and will not last the lifetime of the whole system. Such parts will require checking and replacement before they cause serious breakdown.

Much of any power protection, energy management and cooling system is covered by warranty (typical UPS warranties are two years in duration) but consumable parts are not and so, because of the critical nature of the system, provision should be made for emergency call out cover, maintenance plans and servicing.

A good maintenance plan will provide guaranteed emergency response times (measured in hours, not days). Mission critical power protection systems will have high levels of resilience and redundancy built in, which enables them to ride through most interruptions without disruption to connected loads. Still, the faster a failed UPS module can be brought back into service, the better.

A service you and your power continuity can rely on.

Critical Power Supplies provides UPS service, support and maintenance as a key part of our power protection service provision. We offer different levels of service, support and maintenance, on a back-to-back basis, depending upon the requirements of the installation in terms of criticality and budget. We operate nationwide, employ and have access to qualified, certified and approved engineers. This also gives us fast access to the necessary parts (most of which we have in stock), software, hardware, services, documentation and priority technical support. We also have the relevant health and safety accreditations (OHSAS 18001, SAFEcontractor.