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Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM) for Data Centers

Published by Jason Koffler on 26 January 2018

Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM), Eaton’s data center system optimization (DCSO) platform, is an intuitive remote monitoring and management software that provides you with valuable information to make better business decisions. The platform features capabilities designed to reduce data center operational expenses, improve system and application reliability and mitigate risk through data analysis.

Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM) – Features

- Visualization – View your entire physical infrastructure in 3D and show specific room, row or rack level views
- Asset management – Centralize your device data repository and utilize limitless attribute tracking to ease management of distributed locations.
- Custom reporting and dashboards – Examine multilevel reports, role-based dashboards, KPI tracking, trending and predictive analytics
- Capacity planning – Understand present usage to ensure capacity is available for upcoming projects
- Environmental monitoring – Create real-time thermal imaging profiles of your environment using temperature, humidity, leak detection, door closure and air pressure data.
- Physical and virtual machine (VM) monitoring – View connections, dependencies and applications from a wide array of IT assets including physical servers, VM hosts, VM guests, switches and rack PDUs
- Change/workflow management – Reduce time to deployment and increase accuracy of implementation with fully integrated and native capability to generate projects, tasks and work orders
- Multitenancy – Support more than one customer/user type by presenting separate and distinct data that pertains solely to each tenant

Visual Capacity Optimization Manager (VCOM) – License options

Installation requirements
Operating System – Certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8(64 bit)
CentOS Linux 6.8 (64 bit)
Operating System – Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6, and 6.7 (64 bit)
CentOS Linux 6.6 and 6.7 (64 bit)
Operating System Locale Operating System must use the en_US locale
Physical Memory 16 GB
Minimum Disk Space 300 GB
CPUs Quad‐Core CPU (Intel Xeon E5‐2407 v2 @ 2.40GHz and above)