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Recycling End of Life IT/Networking Equipment

published by Lee Kelly on 25 February 2020

In the UK there are significant government-led regulations on how we dispose of IT and networking equipment, to reduce our impact on the environment and prevent the illegal dumping of Electronic waste. The WEEE regulations of 2013 expanded in 2019 to include a broader range of products to be covered by the directive.

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Taking Care of Your UPS: Battery Monitoring

published by Lee Kelly on 19 February 2020

There’s a reason so many businesses and organisations rely on a UPS or uninterruptible power supply: It is uninterruptible. With a UPS as part of a business’s power supply infrastructure, there is no need to suffer any anxiety or worry over power outages, downtime, or other mishaps.

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How to Recycle Old UPS and Battery Backup systems

published by Lee Kelly on 5 February 2020

There are rules in place in the UK to regulate how you dispose of electrical and electronic equipment, including UPS and batteries when they are no longer needed. If you fail to follow these rules, you risk breaking the law, and equally as bad or worse, you could be responsible for causing significant environmental damage.

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Sealed Lead Acid vs Lithium-Ion Batteries

published by Lee Kelly on 3 February 2020

There are a few types of batteries that are used for UPS, renewables and demand response systems. The first and most prevalent type is sealed lead-acid (SLA/VRLA for short). The other type that is gaining traction very rapidly with a lot of help from Tesla is Lithium-Ion. Both batteries have positives and negatives within the space and I am here to compare them for you.

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Ensure UPS and Cooling System Integrity

published by Lee Kelly on 28 January 2020

UPS equipment and data centre cooling systems are key elements of modern business infrastructure. Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization, UPSs and cooling systems help to ensure operational integrity and service continuity.

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UPS Capacitors Announcement

published by Lee Kelly on 9 August 2019

Important information has been released this week by HSE and ICAR UPS capacitors. This issue has caused a couple of fires in an industrial environment.

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Upkeep and prolonging a UPS

published by Lee Kelly on 9 August 2019

Small infographic on UPS and how to prolong the battery life of your UPS.

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