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Critical Power Supplies MD Forecasts For 2010

Published by Jason Koffler on 02 January 2010

I expect that 2010 will see the continued rise of power, energy and environmental management amongst datacentre managers. Having worked for multinational UPS companies for the last twenty years, I formed Critical Power Supplies Ltd as a combination company – one that can solve every power protection need but with a sound view to ECO energy management.

All to often the term ‘uninterruptible power supplies’ is to generic. What we actually supply is a complete system, whether it is a self-contained single box or group of individual components, including a UPS, generators, batteries and external maintenance bypass. We therefore need to take a systems approach.

More than this our systems approach need to take a far more ‘holistic’ view. We plug our system into a far larger site electrical distribution system. We need to consider our impact on the site as a whole from not just a harmonics and breaker loading point-of-view but the environmental impact.

Environmental impact in itself may be another poorly serviced term. To most people it stands for waste management but in the UPS industry we are being forced to address operating efficiencies, develop advanced UPS operating modes and extend the life of consumable items like batteries.

A sound approach to both Critical Power and Critical Energy management is the best solution for not just today, but tomorrow. At Critical Power Supplies we deliver power and energy management solutions.

Have a great year.

Jason Koffler
Managing Director at Critical Power Supplies Ltd

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