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How Green Are Datacentres In Their Energy Usage?

Published by Jason Koffler on 04 January 2010

‘What you do not monitor, you cannot control’ is an old management maxim that holds true today. Perhaps in our greener world we need to think slightly differently in terms of ‘what you cannot measure, you cannot control’. Roger Tipley, senior engineering strategist for HP and vice president of The Green Grid seems to hold a similar view when it comes to datacentres monitoring their energy usage.

Recently quoted in an interview in ITPRO article on Green Grid: Companies Aren’t Monitoring Datacentre Energy, Tipley has drawn the conclusion that whilst the push to go green is gaining momentum, it seems that many datacentres are not performing the simple task of monitoring their energy usage. Energy usage is seen as a site wide issue, and few organisations are separating their power supplies for monitoring and billing – few therefore can accurately quantify the energy usage and costs of their datacentre operations.

As electricity costs continue to rise, and datacentre servers (Blade in particular) before more power hungry, we at Critical Power Supplies expect this trend to reverse. The Green Grid is also pushing a drive to get more organisations to monitor their energy usage and put into practice the best tools to increase their operating efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

The Green Grid currently has around 200 members including the biggest players in the IT industry such as Google and Microsoft. The Green Grid website also provides a useful resource for non-members who want to improve their PUE (power usage efficiency) ratios and generally turn their datacentre operations green.

So what can we do at Critical Power Supplies, well by taking an ECO approach to power protection, we ensure that we supply the most efficient uninterruptible power supplies and UPS systems. We design power solutions with efficiency and energy usage in mind, balancing this with total cost of ownership and resilience. it is a fairly simply but unique approach and one that will continue to evolve to meet client needs over the next few years as the UPS market in particular becomes even more sensitive to the needs of critical applications within datacentres.

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