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Edge Computing and Moving Forward

Published by Lee Kelly on 01 November 2019

A brief overview of what is edge computing

Edge computing is the deployment of IT systems to enable data and applications as close as possible to the users or equipment that need them. A good way to think of edge computing is like a mini data centre it is putting servers into a small footprint as possible. (Find out more)

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Innovations in Edge Computing

There was an Innovation summit held in Barcelona at the start of October. It came out with a few key areas that are being focused on at the moment, that is digitising energy management and business operations.

Failure to modernise is costing retail businesses was one theme of the event and talked about a store chain in the UK that had their refrigeration towers failed and was forced to close for 3 days and lost $150,000 in ruined meat and produce. The reason for this was that their systems were all manual and they didn’t receive any warning that failure was imminent.

With today's technology, this all could be monitored and give alerts as and when is required to avoid this amount of downtime and loss of product. By using edge computing all this data can be combined and be given to the end-user in an easy to understand format.

Digitisation can also help enhance the customer experience in-store, it can do this by adjusting certain things in your stores like lighting, temperature and security. This can all help the customer to buy a product because it helps keep them happy. But also, this same system can help plan out what products to place where to maximise revenue, with data gathered at one store it can also be used to help make newer stores profitable and more predictable.