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Ensure UPS and Cooling System Integrity

Published by Lee Kelly on 28 January 2020

UPS equipment and data centre cooling systems are key elements of modern business infrastructure. Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization, UPSs and cooling systems help to ensure operational integrity and service continuity.

Along with the initial design and installation of your system, ongoing work is needed to prevent power disruptions, data loss, and operational inefficiencies. Regular inspection and maintenance by a specialist team is the key to reliable service delivery.

Critical Power Supplies - Server room with UPS and AC

The importance of regular inspections and maintenance

It doesn't matter what industry you operate in, modern businesses are completely reliant on efficient power and data flows. Whether it's a one-time disruption or a county-wide outage, power and data issues cost time, money, and more than a few headaches. Regular UPS servicing and cooling system maintenance by Riello-approved engineers is the best way to minimise risk and ensure your ongoing protection.

From basic internal inspections through to preventative tasks, corrective maintenance, and emergency call-outs, it's important to take care of your power and cooling needs before they cause unwanted issues. From your UPS to your cooling equipment, professional service delivery demands a comprehensive and integrated approach. Dedicated inspection and maintenance services offer the following essential benefits:

Eliminating downtime

Continuity is important for every business and industry sector. In order to eliminate downtime caused by power or data failures, it's important to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of UPSs and cooling equipment. Even if it's just for a few minutes, power loss can cost thousands of dollars and can cause serious equipment damage. Downtime can be disastrous for any industry sector, causing productivity loss for manufacturing, data and reputation deficits for financial services, and many other issues across different operations.

Preventing data loss

Business continuity is not the only factor to consider, with power supply and cooling issues also likely to cause data compromise and loss. While all data loss can be serious, the integrity of UPS and cooling systems is even more critical for organisations who deal with sensitive and confidential data. Regular UPS servicing helps to minimise power problems and ensure accurate switching when problems occur. Regular cooling system maintenance helps to prevent heat stress and associated data loss.

Ensure efficiency

Maintaining the integrity of your UPS and cooling system is not all about minimising damage, it's also about maximising efficiency. While acute power events can cause downtime and data loss, state-wide issues can also cause problems over time. Riello-approved engineers can check your UPS environment, including the temperature, humidity, and overall cleanliness. Maintaining an efficient power and cooling system requires meter readings and record-keeping to ensure the optimal UPS and operational environment.

Optimise batteries and generators

Working power and cooling system are comprised of multiple components working together as one. From the air conditioning system in the room to the batteries and generators, each component needs to be checked and optimised over time. Battery impedance testing and tuning can reduce discharge and lengthen life expectancy. Checking the health of your generator helps to ensure correct switching and reliable backup when needed.

Critical Power Supplies - UPS and battery rack

Provide emergency response

Regular UPS servicing is carried out to minimise failure rates and ensure service continuity. However, regardless of how good your maintenance schedule is, power issues can and do occur. Developing a relationship with a UPS maintenance specialist is the best way to ensure professional emergency response when needed. There are multiple levels of UPS inspection and maintenance, with the critical nature of UPS and cooling systems demanding a comprehensive and integrated solution from a single provider.

Levels of inspection and maintenance

As critical equipment, UPSs demand ongoing maintenance in accordance with official guidelines. In addition, a UPS may require an updated maintenance schedule if placed in a unique or harsh environment. Your cooling systems are just as important, and ongoing maintenance is needed throughout the year to identify risks, prevent downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

While a simple inspection regimen can be carried out by a member of your team, it's important to negotiate a maintenance contract with a professional specialist and ensure access to emergency and upgrade services when needed. UPS and cooling equipment maintenance can be summarised by the following service levels:

Simple internal inspections

A basic ongoing inspection schedule can be carried out by a UPS specialist. During each inspection, the person assigned this task should check and log alarms and indicators, while also checking the safety and operational environment of the UPS. This level includes visual checks, logging and reviews, and environmental checks.

Detailed expert inspections and maintenance

Regular maintenance should also be carried out by approved engineers or specialists, with major system parts, meters, and instrumentation panels checked for consistency and verified for accuracy. While trained internal team members can check cleanliness or operational standards, they are unable to perform detailed inspections, preventative maintenance, or corrective work.

For UPS equipment, this level includes checking and tightening power connectors and cables, replacing air filters, calibrating systems, and running diagnostics. Common maintenance tasks for cooling systems include checking and replacing air filters, inspecting belts and bearings, checking compressors, and maintaining cooling units based on their temperature and environment.

Critical Power Supplies - Engineer inspection and maintenance

Emergency call-outs

Emergency call-out services are the last line of defence in your power and cooling systems. While regular inspection and servicing can help to reduce problems, 24/7 telephone support and access to a service engineer when needed are critical. Developing a relationship with an inspection team is the best way to ensure continuity of service and access to emergency help when required. This level involves diagnosing and fixing problems in a time-sensitive manner.

Along with the initial design and installation of your power and cooling system, ongoing inspection and maintenance are needed to prevent workplace disruptions and operational inefficiencies. For a complete and integrated service, UPS and cooling system inspections should become part of the same routine. Approved engineers can help to inspect and maintain your most important infrastructure assets to ensure the ideal flow of power and data throughout your organisation.

If you are in need of a inspection or a mainteanace contract for your UPS or cooling then you can contact the experts on 0808 164 0608 or drop the team an email here.