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Codes of Conduct For Datacentres and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Published by Jason Koffler on 04 January 2010

The latest EU Codes of Conduct for Datacentres and Uninterruptible Power Supplies now provide UPS manufacturers responsible for their own R&D functions with a clearer focus on the key areas of product development for their critical clients.

Energy efficiency and power usage have become key considerations now for many IT managers who face an ever growing demand for IT data processing capacity, whilst at the same time being asked to reduce their operational budgets. The key area to focus on is energy usage, across all areas of their hardware system, be it Blade server racks or ‘in-situ’ uninterruptible power supplies.

Whilst many organisations still do not monitor their actual datacentre energy usage, isolating this from their overall power usage, they are showing greater awareness when it comes to specifying and selecting equipment for their sites.

For UPS manufacturers this means that (1) they need to make their UPS comply with the latest EU Codes of Conduct for Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and (2) focus their R&D efforts in this area, as well as resilience, footprint, features and off course capital cost.

Some manufacturers like Riello UPS, have taken this one step further and produced company wide initiatives for ECO management, and a ratings guide to help clients better understand the energy efficiency of their UPS Systems.

At Critical Power Supplies we focus ourselves on critical power and critical energy management. Clients can therefore rest assured that when we design a new build or upgrade an existing system, efficiency, resilience and total cost of ownership (including running and maintenance costs) are all balanced to ensure we deliver the most appropriate and energy efficient power solutions.

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