How Critical Power Supplies and APC can refresh your data centre

How Critical Power Supplies and APC can refresh your data centre

The demands on IT infrastructures today are immense and ever-evolving. As organisations across the board from health care to education rely more on newer technologies, the expectation for higher and more consistent levels of connectivity and processing power skyrockets.

As a result, businesses, schools, and government agencies are upgrading to more powerful IT equipment. This can result in undersized data centre power supply systems and challenges keeping server rooms cool without ending up with runaway energy costs.

Refreshing your data centre and updating your power and cooling systems can enable new and anticipated IT capabilities and reduce energy usage significantly. At Critical Power Supplies, we specialise in data centre design. We can help you to refresh your data centre, so you’re operating with an IT environment that’s reliable, adaptable, and energy-efficient.

Why refreshing your data centre is more important than ever

Both businesses and public institutions face three key IT challenges today. Refreshing your data centre can address all of them.

  • With the massive shift to digital over the past decade, more people are learning, working, and shopping online and through their mobile devices. Digital experiences are also evolving – today, technologies such as augmented reality, edge computing, and smart devices relying on IoT (Internet of Things) are the norm. Traditional IT resources don’t have the capacity to cope with the resulting spike in demand for processing power and connectivity. Also, without an exceptional supply of connected power from back-end systems, organisations may lack the necessary IT infrastructure for innovation.
  • The refresh cycle for data centre technology has decreased over the past decade. Because technology changes so fast, your existing infrastructure can quickly become outdated. If your current equipment isn’t well-managed or capable of handling the higher demands of next-gen technologies like IoT and 5G, the excess strain can lead to downtime, service disruption, and outages.
  • The third challenge is efficiency. If your data centre wasn’t originally designed with adaptability in mind, improving systems and updating equipment can become a time-consuming and expensive ordeal. You may also face issues such as lack of space, poor air flow, and no clear picture of how power is being used within each rack.

By refreshing your data centre, you can minimise downtime, distribute power efficiently, and optimise your cooling and power systems. This can have wide-ranging benefits, including lower energy costs, improved performance, and the flexibility to quickly update your IT infrastructure to respond to changing demands.

Cooling and power solutions customised for your IT needs

Critical Power Supplies, an APC partner, has worked with organisations in a range of industries across the UK and internationally. We can assess your unique cooling and power supply and distribution needs. From there, we’ll develop a plan for a data centre that provides the optimal IT environment for your organisation. Depending on the project, our expert team will implement the solution over three to four phases, ensuring as little downtime as possible.


We’ll consider the requirements of the space, what environmental monitoring is needed, and how much cooling will be adequate for your data centre. According to some reports, as much as 40% of a data centre’s energy consumption goes to cooling. With ever-increasing computer processing and connectivity needs, only a sophisticated cooling solution can ensure your server room is properly cooled and ventilated.

With a refreshed cooling system that integrates the most suitable cooling trays and type of cooling – CRAC cooling, portable air conditioners, air cooling, or in-row cooling – you can keep the environment at the optimal temperature to protect your IT equipment and reduce operational costs.

An efficient data centre cooling system is what makes a high-performance IT infrastructure possible. When Cardiff University decided to improve its data centre to meet increased demand, developing a more energy-efficient and capable cooling system was an essential first step.

Dr Hugh Beedie, chief technology officer for the IT Services department and ARCCA (Advanced Research Computing at Cardiff) said about the project, ‘We could see that with the new power demands, we would rapidly get to a point where we didn’t have any resilience with our cooling’. By upgrading their cooling system with APC by Schneider Electric solutions, the university was able to improve its PUE (power usage effectiveness), resulting in cost savings that will offset the cost of the initial investment over time.


How your power is distributed and what fail-safes you have built into your power supply system will determine how reliable your IT is. Critical Power Supplies can project manage every aspect of your data centre’s power solution to ensure maximum uptime and the best possible energy efficiency.

A smart UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will provide power to mission-critical servers and networking gear. With reliable and immediate backup power, you can protect infrastructure and avoid downtime.

PDUs (Power Distribution Units) free up space and provide more outlets to new servers. Smart PDUs also increase efficiencies by offering real-time monitoring and power management.

With advanced power management, including both smart PDUs and monitoring software, it’s possible to respond to capacity changes and more efficiently distribute power. It’s also easier to understand how power is used, which can inform future decisions about data centre design.

Making it easy and efficient to update your infrastructure

With experienced design experts and project managers, we’ll create a data centre solution involving multiple disciplines. We’ll ensure your mechanical and electrical systems’ infrastructure runs smoothly and is easy to scale as needed. We’re here to help every step of the way, from liaising with suppliers to installation. Committed to driving efficiencies while maximising performance, we’ll help you to reduce costs so you can recoup your IT investment and reduce total cost of ownership. This takes a lot of the burden of balancing performance needs and budget constraints off the shoulders of IT managers.

The reality is, the needs of your data centre will never be static. By refreshing your data centre with updated cooling and power systems, you can keep your servers and related equipment running optimally and ensure you have a robust infrastructure to meet evolving connectivity and data demands. To learn more about how we can help you refresh your data centre, contact our expert team today.