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How to install a SNMP card

Published by Lee Kelly on 30 January 2020

Installing an SNMP card can be quite a tricky thing to do if you haven't any experience before. But you shouldn't worry it is quite a quick and simple thing to sort out and be up and running. Once it is set up you can easily monitor your UPS system from anywhere. Keep on reading to get your SNMP card running.

What you will need to get started

Before we get started you will need a few things to get started:

  • UPS with a free SNMP card slot.
  • SNMP card that is compatible with your UPS
  • Ethernet cable or UPB cable if you aren't concerned about remote connections
  • Router or switch for connecting your UPS to the network.
  • Screwdriver

If you have all this then you are ready to get started.

Installing the SNMP card into the UPS

First, you will want to remove the slot protection panel from the UPS. This normally looks like a black/grey rectangle plate with 2 screws holds.

Critical Power Supplies - Riello SEP SNMP Card Slot

Once you have taken this panel off you should be able to simply slide the UPS SNMP card into that slot and screw in using the same holes that were used for the black panel. Once the card is screwed in you can move on to the next set about connecting up your UPS to the network.

Critical Power Supplies - Riello SNMP Card being inserted in to UPS

**Please note that some APC units have a network port that is for smart connect this doesn’t replace an SNMP card for remote control and graceful shutdowns. Smart Connect is for getting notifications when it is time to replace your batteries and other components in your UPS system. Find out more here.

Connecting up the SNMP card to the network

Critical Power Supplies - How to install a SNMP card image 1

You will want to connect your UPS into the mains power using a supplied cable that comes with your UPS. This will usually turn on your UPS, once up and running you can then insert your ethernet cable into the SNMP card and then plug the other end into your router or switch. The lights on the SNMP card should start flashing this shows that there is a connection (Green LED) and activity is happening (Yellow Flashing LED).

Critical Power Supplies - Riello SEP with SNMP and Network Cable.

Once you have connected your card up to the router you can go to this IP address in your browser ( or if you are using a non-Riello card then you will have to look in your manual) and you should be greeted with the following or something similar if you have another brand of SNMP card. The standard admin login details are admin for both username and password (Check your manual because this may vary).

If you are needing to configure a Netman 204 SNMP card then we have a config guide coming for you very soon. Follow our social media to stay up to date. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Critical Power Supplies - How to install a SNMP card image 2

Congratulations! You should be able to monitor your UPS now.

In short, it is very easy to set up and get going if you are setting up and don’t need to change any configurations for the card. It’s as simple as plugging the card in and connecting the cable.

If you have any difficulties with this or you need some extra help you can contact our expert advisors that can help you diagnose an issue and offer solutions to any issues. Give them a call on 0808 164 0608 or drop them a line via email here.