InRow Cooling for Data Centre Considerations

InRow Cooling for Data Centre Considerations

InRow cooling is an ideal solution for any data centre to consider with the CRAC units situated InRow with the racks it has a much shorter distance to travel to cool servers and networking gear. InRow cooling is becoming one of the most common ways to cool large server rooms and data centres with a higher degree of efficiency compared to CRAC air conditioning units.


This is one of the major reasons to choose an InRow cooling over the traditional CRAC air conditioning. With InRow cooling the cooling pipe runs are shorter and more precise meaning a more efficient cooling run compared to a traditional CRAC unit. The InRow cooling units also can control their fan speed based on the equipment they are cooling meaning the fans are running at the RPM that the equipment requires. This means that there is less energy that is needed to cool the systems.


The cost of using InRow cooling is a great way to only pay for the amount of cooling that you require at any one times as opposed to CRAC room cooling. InRow cooling allows you to expand your systems easier depending on your requirements. The cost of InRow cooling will become more expensive depending on the size of the server room or data centre you are using. InRow cooling costs can have a higher first cost depending on the size of the room and the number of rows you need to cool but for maintaining and expanding it will usually be a more cost-effective option compared to other solutions.

Reduced Downtime

With using smaller and modular InRow cooling units as opposed to the standard CRAC air conditioning units this allows for reduced downtime. This is due to each of the units being independent and can be added in and taken away with minimal downtime. These cooling InRow solutions can also be configured in an “N+” configuration. This would allow you to change between InRow cooling units to reduce downtime essentially to nothing.

Is InRow Cooling Right for you?

With InRow cooling becoming more popular than ever before as opposed to CRAC room cooling or Rack cooling. With InRow cooling, you need separate rows for hot and cool air that have to be contained depending on your requirements (Hot air containment or cool air containment). InRow cooling is a very effective way of cooling compared to other methods. It is a great way to save energy on fan usage since InRow cooling fans can ramp up or ramp down depending on the racks needs.
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