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Product Tech Monday: APC Edition

Product Tech Monday: APC Edition

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APC NetShelter CX, 24U, Soundproof Server Rack Enclosure, 200V to 240V, Black, 1275H x 750W x 1130D mm – Critical Power Supplies

NetShelter rack systems’ full, half, and wall rack enclosures are designed to house critical IT equipment in office, retail, and industrial contexts. They are available in basic and customised configurations. NetShelter rack solutions are extremely dependable, secure, and simple to install. Open and enclosed server rack and network rack solutions are offered for a variety of contexts, including data centres, server rooms, network closets, offices, industrial environments, and specialised applications.
NetShelter cx agility’s benefits, features and enclosures. Specialised shipping rack wrapping may be useful for equipment that is already stacked. For packaging design and enclosure installation, shock packaging can be used to identify common enclosures with equipment shipping facilities.

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extensive encounters with top IT suppliers, including current Cisco accreditation for pre-racking and delivery of Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS). details on available sizes and types of enclosure.
plug-and-play arrangement Setting it up takes only a short time. a door lock for the front Protect against unauthorised use of IT equipment. Capabilities for Rack Mounting Without Tools Users can quickly and easily attach units to the enclosure’s back because server cases can be placed into NetShelter enclosures without the need for additional tools. finishing light oak veneer Almost any office space can be covertly enclosed by the enclosure. Because of the acoustic foam lining, which reduces the noise of the installed IT equipment, the enclosure can be built in a quiet area. 

A soundproof server room in a box called NetShelter CX Solutions for Healthcare enables IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving time, money, and space. What you can do to contact NetShelter CX for assistance:
minimises the amount of disturbance brought on by server noise.
Applications: a safe storage area on-site Physical security is necessary for critical loads and equipment. It is simple to integrate UPS systems with a shared, secure IT environment. Mobile deployments happen outside of a server room or data centre.

Electronic Records Migration You lack space for new IT hardware. The Netshelter CX should be installed wherever it is needed. As in the past, keep the records close at hand to avoid disturbing the office staff. Medical imaging servers Keep vendor-specific IT equipment in a reliable location rather than relying on a shared facility. You can guarantee the availability of the servers and storage with an integrated UPS system. Healthcare Practice: Leased Space Because the structure has been soundproofed, you can hear your patients, which is what counts most. a beautiful cabinet to fit into your office space and be portable for your IT equipment.

A couple of accessories are : 

APC Smart-UPS 1000VA, 230V, LCD, rackmount, 2U, 4x IEC 320 C13 & 2x IEC Jumpers outlets, w/SmartConnect port – Critical Power Supplies

Intelligent productivity that may be customised to meet the needs of your particular applications Clear information is provided by the attractive LCD interface, which also makes it possible to manually adjust the UPS using simple navigational buttons. More than 15 different programmable options, such as switched outlet group management, enable the setting of parameters, thresholds, and notifications that are unique to each application.
prevents expensive power outages by maintaining the availability and security of your IT equipment and data. Network-grade power conditioning guards against disruptive noise and harmful spikes. Without the need for batteries, solid-state automatic voltage regulation may increase low input voltage by up to 30% while lowering high voltage by up to 12%. Dependable battery backup power for system shutdown or to keep processes operating during power disruptions.

Having quick and easy remote access saves time. To control the network, serial, USB, or optional ethernet can all be used. Powerchute Business Edition Software is intended for simple monitoring and control, safe operating system shutdown, and cutting-edge energy management capabilities.
Manufacturers of servers with active power factor correction (PFC) power supplies suggest pure sine wave output because it provides the assurance that comes with comprehensive equipment compatibility and the dependability of a market leader. Smart-UPS may be deployed with confidence because they have been evaluated and authorised by safety regulators, and you can be confident that they will meet or surpass the most stringent industry standards.

reliability, inexpensive operation and upkeep, and clever battery management. When adopting the unique green working mode, efficiency is higher than 97%. The first network UPS to receive Energy Star certification was Smart-Ups. To increase battery performance and longevity, APC’s cutting-edge battery management technology uses accurate, intelligent temperature-matched charging.

APC NetShelter CX, Mini, Dust Filter Pack, 18U and 24U, Includes 2 Small Filters, Black – Critical Power Supplies

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NetShelter cx enclosures, features and benefits;

Special packaging options for shipping rack with equipment pre-racked Enclosures with shock packaging are standard enclosures with provisions in the packaging design and enclosure assembly for shipping the enclosures with equipment mounted inside. Extensive industry experience with the leading IT manufacturers and most recently certified with Cisco for pre-racking and shipping Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS). Check for enclosure size options and availability.

  • Plug and Play setup Fast and Easy set up
  • Lockable front doors Protect IT equipment from unwanted access
  • Toolless Rack Mounting Capabilities Server cases do not require additional tools to mount into NetShelter Enclosures, which allows the users to quickly and easily mount units in the rear of the enclosure.
  • Light oak veneer finish The enclosure blends discretely into almost any office environment.
  • Acoustic foam lining for noise dampening Superior noise reduction of installed IT equipment allowing the enclosure to be placed in a quiet environment.

APC Smart-UPS On-Line, 2200VA, Lithium-ion, Rackmount 4U, 230V, 6x C13+2x C19 IEC outlets, Network Card, Extended long runtime, Rail kit included

Despite the fact that railing kits are widely available, installation is time-consuming. The APC Smart-UPS is distinguished by its lithium-ion battery, 2200 VA, 4U rackmount, 6 C13+2 C19 IEC outlets, and electrical network card. It can textually display operational modes, system parameters, alarms, and simulate diagrams thanks to a long-lasting LCD graphics display, high-density double conversion, and online power protection. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion batteries have twice the lifespan of traditional lead-acid batteries. When moving from a tower to a rack-mount arrangement, rack/tower converters protect the initial UPS investment. Protection By lowering unfavourable frequency and voltage situations without exhausting the battery, frequency and voltage control improves application availability.

Generator compatibility ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment when generator power is used. Input power factor correction minimises installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling. When the utility power goes out, cold-start capable batteries provide temporary power.

Power conditioning protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances. Overload recovery is simple; no fuses need to be replaced. (Wall Tap SKUs are not available.) Safety-agency approval ensures the product has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider’s equipment and within the specified environment.

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