Upgrade Your Power - Trade in your Old UPS for a Newer, more Reliable Model - Critical Power Supplies
Upgrade Your Power – Trade in your Old UPS for a Newer, more Reliable Model

Upgrade Your Power – Trade in your Old UPS for a Newer, more Reliable Model

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Critical Power Supplies created a trade-in scheme. By replacing your outdated online UPS with the same or higher rating, you can gain access to the most feature-rich products and solutions for a variety of applications, including IT, security, manufacturing, and medical applications. Our comprehensive range of online UPS solutions provides the following advantages: Your facility’s electricity consumption should drop considerably. You can reduce the danger to your power system by swapping dependable power sources with inefficient ones. A decrease in operational costs because of improved effectiveness Reduce your spending on yourself. Most added items come with a three-year warranty. 

We do not care what brand, model, or age the current UPS is if it is based on online UPS technology and is in the UK. An upgrade can save you a lot of money! If you invest in a more current, high-efficiency UPS package that includes the most recent VMware, Windows, and Mac applications, your critical infrastructure will be protected. You will also save money and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 
To learn more about our trade-in policy, call us at 0800 9788 988 or send us an email. sales@criticalpowersupplies.co.uk 

The following bonuses are also included in the trade-in program:  

  • New goods are covered by a three-year warranty.  
  • Free removal and delivery of obsolete equipment is also available and a single larger unit is capable of replacing multiple smaller UPSs.  
  • Have you replaced the outdated computer hardware in your system with more capable models? Does your current UPS still work? Prepare a strategy for what to do if your UPS battery fails.  
  • Should you replace the old battery with a new one or upgrade to a larger, better UPS unit? The optimum course of action is determined by the equipment that the UPS is protecting. 
  • Your outdated UPS will not be able to manage the extra load from these stronger and more advanced devices and settings.  
  • Your current UPS is still capable of providing adequate protection and only needs a new battery if your equipment has not changed. In either situation, APC by Schneider Electric is prepared to make your move quick, easy, and durable.  

How to Improve Your Defence. No matter how well-maintained or from which manufacturer your current UPS is. Your old UPS will be properly recycled by CPS at no further cost to you. Your UPS systems can be upgraded at a low cost to a more powerful, brand-new unit with the help. You can prolong the life of IT equipment and prevent expensive downtime when systems fail with the most recent UPS technology (available on units between 1.5 and 16.0 kVA). 

We accept any UPS, regardless of brand or condition, to keep things as simple as possible. The most advanced UPS technology and accessories in exchange. A few of the current UPS models should be swapped out for more energy-efficient variants. It is simple to use Trade-UPS. One of our support specialists will contact you to discuss your discounts and arrange your trade-up once you have entered your specifications and phone number in the form below. 

About The Trade-UPS For Edge Computing Program 

You may keep your most recent investment while updating your current equipment with the Trade-Up for Edge Computing program. Trade in any UPS, regardless of brand or condition, for the most recent UPS technology. When you order new APC units, you can get free shipping on your old ones. APC also provides free pickup and delivery of larger UPS units. When batteries and UPS units are returned, they are disposed of appropriately and at no cost. 

All used equipment returned to us will be disposed of legally and sustainably, including potentially hazardous UPS batteries. Rules for edge computing programme improvements participants in the Trade-UPS programme must accept the following conditions: A single UPS can be exchanged for a new one with a VA rating up to four times greater by the customer. (For instance, a customer who trades in a 750VA UPS may use this programme to purchase up to a 3000VA UPS.) 

The VA rating of the new UPS must be equal to or higher than that of the old UPS. several UPS transactions Customers have the option to trade in multiple UPS units for larger UPS units. The VA of all units added together is multiplied by two to determine the maximum VA that a client can trade up to. If one or more UPSs have a value (VA) that is less than the combined VA of all traded units, the client cannot swap those UPSs. Purchase agreements with cross-selling provisions. 

Only five additional items can be purchased at “Trade-UPS/Cross-Sell Pricing” in a single Trade-UPS transaction. Surge goods or UPS accessories (es) are the only extra products that are acceptable for the application level of the UPS purchased. The Trade-UPS/cross-sell discount is not applicable to any further Trade-UPS transactions. Only at the time of the initial Trade-UPS purchase are cross-sell and Trade-UPS purchases valid. 

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