In the event of a power outage or short circuit, a UPS for security purposes provides the electricity these crucial systems need, maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere at all times. CCTV systems are crucial for both commercial and residential properties. The simplest way to prevent theft from your property or catch thieves in the act when it does happen is to use this technique. Our surveillance UPS stops power failures and records every frame. 


Among CCTV UPSs, Critical Power Supplies offers the finest performance. We recognise the value of ongoing camera monitoring, especially in commercial or industrial settings. The best ways to safeguard the safety of you, your staff, and your possessions or property are a high-quality CCTV system and CCTV UPS. 
There will be no way to catch the thief if a power outage disables a CCTV camera and an incident like a break-in takes place. Using UPS for security completely gets rid of this. The system contains a backup power source, which enables it to work in emergency situations. Security is assured at all times. 

Critical Power Supplies prioritises collaboration with renowned backup power supply manufacturers. This ensures that we only supply the best CCTV UPS systems to our clients, providing them with additional peace of mind. 
If you have any queries concerning our UPS for security systems, please contact us. In our specialised customer support centre, our employees are knowledgeable, attentive, and experienced. Every attempt would be made to respond to queries, and any challenge would be welcomed with open arms. 

 Given that the UK is building the world’s first electric prison and that there was “disturbance” at the immigration detention centre following a power outage, it’s not unexpected that the prison needs continual power. It is, nonetheless, more significant than you may realise. 
Backup electricity is necessary for the safety of everyone inside and outside of a jail. If there is a power outage or complete blackout, emergency lighting must be switched off, and cell doors may need to be opened for fire safety reasons. Both the need for power and the rationale for it are obvious. Not to mention that if a fire broke out within the prison owing to insufficient fire prevention systems, everyone would be in danger. 

U.K’s first electric prison: 

The nation’s first electric prison is being built in Full Sutton, East Yorkshire and be totally powered by electricity. The other sites, on the other hand, will use gas. When it opens in 2025, it will house approximately 1500 convicts. 
Unrest in a British immigration prison 
A “disturbance” caused a recent power outage at the Harmondsworth immigration removal centre near Heathrow airport. A number of detainees are thought to have left their cells and made their way into the courtyard area, armed with various weapons. 

A high-voltage underground cable ruptured just before midnight on Thursday, knocking out power to 290 customers, including Harmondsworth. This is a great example of what a UPS system and generator will protect you from, ensuring that you are not badly impacted in these instances. All of this could have been avoided.

CyberPower VP1000EILCD

A product that would be perfect for your security system is: Cyberpower Value Pro 1000VA Line Interactive 230V (UPS) – Critical Power Supplies 

This uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is intended to provide a temporary backup for security camera systems in the case of a power outage. Because adding other electrical devices may reduce the battery’s backup time, please ensure that the DVR and camera power supplies are the primary sources of power for the battery. 

The total amount of power used by all the connected devices affects how long the battery lasts. At peak battery health, a 100-watt usage can last 40 minutes, but a 200-watt consumption only lasts 17 minutes. provides dependable battery backup to safeguard workplace PCs and other electronic equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, and other electrical disasters. Users can save a lot of money on energy bills by utilising GreenPower UPS technology, which was used in its design to increase operating efficiency and decrease energy usage. To ensure the safety of the connected equipment’s voltage, the UPS offers automated voltage regulation. 

It is simple to view the battery and power level thanks to the flexible LCD reading of the UPS. The device has a 1 Gbps data transfer rate and protects high-speed data transmission. Additionally, it shields telephones, networks, and other communication equipment from surges and spikes. Real-time setting and monitoring are made possible via communication between the PowerPanel power management programme and the UPS. 
To lessen surges and spikes during a brownout or blackout, this gadget has dynamic line conditioning and a battery backup. Our revolutionary GreenPower UPSTM circuitry lowers UPS energy costs by up to 75% when compared to similar devices. 

PowerPanel Personal Edition In the event of a power failure, the UPS management programme immediately closes computer files and safely shuts down the system. As indicated by the manufacturer’s three-year limited warranty, this UPS was built to the highest quality standards in terms of design, structure, materials, and craftsmanship. The unit includes a user-replaceable 12V, 9Ah battery as well as a 1000VA, 600 Watt, five 5-15R battery/surge protected outlets, four 5-15R surge protected outlets, one serial DB9 port, and one USB 4-pin port. 

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