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Products you Didn’t Know you Needed

Published by Lee Kelly on 13 March 2020

There are a whole lot of products out there available to buy from multiple retailers or online shops. You may not know where to begin to look, you receive all this information about new products or offers it all merges into one. This article will help you see some of the items you may have missed out on hearing.


Critical Power Supplies - APC Lithium-Ion UPS

APC has a brilliant set of Lithium-Ion UPS systems that are great for server rooms and rack spaces. They offer a high runtime in such a small form factor. With the advantages of lithium-ion and the high quality of the product that APC produces, it is a great choice.

Reasons to choose APC Lithium-Ion UPS

  • Longer runtime in a smaller form factor.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Excellent management and monitoring software.
  • Easily expandable runtime.

The lithium-ion UPS offered by APC is a great choice if you are looking for extended runtime in a small form factor. Our UPS experts can help you choose the right UPS for your systems and load, meaning you won’t be over spec and not wasting money. Give them a call on 0800 978 8988 or drop them an email here.


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One of the best and not as well known to our customers is Raritan PDU’s they produce high-quality PDUs with a range of colours, outlets, sensor ports and more. Raritan’s Intelligent rack PDUs is rated for 1.5 billion hours of power distribution runtime. One of the companies that use Raritan PDUs is Cisco; they helped their systems become more energy efficient in data centres and other locations around the world.

Reason to choose Raritan PDU’s

  • 1.5 Billion hours of power distribution runtime.
  • Trusted by top 10 fortune 500 technology companies.
  • 30 Years of data centre expertise.
  • Over 200 custom designs developed each year.
  • Easy to use monitoring software.
  • Use by: Microsoft, Cisco. LinkedIn, Sony, Disney, Netflix, Mercedes, American Express, Dell and many more.

You need to have Raritan’s PDUs in your server room or data centre. Contact our dedicated team to help you pick and choose your next Raritan PDU’s give them a call on 0800 978 8988 or drop them an email here.


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The NetShelter CX range is a high-quality rack for anyone office without a server and would like to reduce the sound of annoying server fans. They are manufactures to a high standard to reduce noise drastically while having great thermal capacity. These racks are ideal for offices small and large or anywhere without a dedicated IT space.

Reasons to choose APC NetShelter CX

  • Reduce your capital cost by avoiding construction.
  • Avoid wasting space.
  • Keeping your business agile and portable.
  • Standardised on one solution for in branch offices and remote sites.
  • Silence noisy equipment.

If you require a quiet rack, then you should think about choosing a NetShelter CX, available in a range of sizes. Talk to our dedicated team about finding the best rack for you. Call them on 0800 978 8988 or drop them an email here.


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The Room Alert from Avtech is an excellent monitoring and sensors solution for companies of any size. Avtech’s monitoring and sensor equipment offer real-time temperature and environmental monitoring to ensure that you are operating within normal levels.

Reasons to choose the Avtech Room Alert

  • Includes built-in temperature sensor.
  • No host PC needed.
  • Real-time temperature and environment monitoring.
  • PoE availability.
  • Can be used in many environments like commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses and more.

If you are looking for environmental monitoring, the best bet is with Avtech. We can configure your complete solutions to your needs. Contact our design team to give you the solution you desire, give them a call on 0800 879 8988 or drop them an email here.


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Daikin cooling solutions are an excellent choice for any company looking to cool down their offices or server rooms, offering multiple solutions to enable excellent cooling efficiency and also heating opportunities by venting the hot air from server rooms into office spaces.

Reasons to choose Daikin for your cooling

  • All Daikin cooling products are energy efficient, keeping the costs down for you and helping the environment.
  • Smart control allows you to control your climate from anywhere in the world.
  • High-quality solutions built to ensure you can relax.
  • Top of the line innovation means you are getting the best product you can build with the latest technology.

If you are interested in air conditioning and cooling your vital equipment and offices contact our design team and we can build you the right solution for the job. Give out experts a call on 0800 978 8988 or drop us an email here.