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Helping you reduce your risk of buying from Critical Power Supplies

Published by Lee Kelly on 14 August 2020

Critical Power Supplies to minimise risk and maximise performance

Critical Power Supplies provides advanced power solutions dedicated to risk reduction and energy continuity. Power is essential to all modern businesses, with professional products and services needed to manage risk, ensure compliance, and avoid unwanted expenses. From supply to implementation, from consultation to training, our customer-led approach and 'Critical Power 24 x 7 Guarantee' provide energy confidence during uncertain times.

While risk is an unavoidable part of life, critical workplace systems need to define and manage risk to avoid downtime. Before you can ensure the ongoing productivity and compliance of your business systems, it's essential to understand and reduce risk elements throughout your organisation. From the initial consultation and selection of power supply technology through to training procedures and post-sales service, our integrated risk management solutions are designed to enhance and protect your critical power assets.

The Critical Power 24 x 7 Guarantee

Critical Power Supplies is proud to introduce The Critical Power 24 x 7 Guarantee. The value of energy is dependent on reliability and accessibility, with our professional approach providing power certitude for your business. Whether you're an IT manager, a facilities manager, or a data centre manager, this industry-leading guarantee provides confirmation and assurance for all of our products, services, and pricing structures. This wide-ranging guarantee is designed to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Critical Power Supplies 24/7 Support

Our comprehensive risk reduction solutions include 24 x 7 support for all of our clients across the UK. Whether you're a new client or an existing partner, this guarantee confirms our commitment to all aspects of power supply and management. We are the leading independent multi-brand supplier in the UK, with more than 30 years' experience serving a diverse client base across a broad range of power supply platforms.

During these challenging times, power supply management and risk reduction are more important than ever before. Whether you run a hospital, a financial institution, or a manufacturing company, it's critical to keep your business running at full capacity while maintaining a high level of confidence and security. We combine leading products and services with an experienced team and 24 x 7 guarantee to ensure your power continuity.

Comprehensive risk coverage

Critical Power Supplies combines leading power supply and cooling products with project management services, in-house training solutions, and after-sales support you can trust. Along with great products, we continue to focus on essential business processes and services. To ensure business continuity, we deliver the following professional solutions designed to safeguard critical power infrastructure and reduce associated risks.

Critical power and cooling products

Access to leading technology helps to reduce risk throughout your organisation. From standby power solutions to fuel cells and generators, we create tailored solutions and provide access to critical off-the-shelf parts, spares, and ancillary products. We offer comprehensive product selection, including the most efficient and environmentally friendly UPS and generator systems on the market. We analyse each organisation and site carefully and offer tailored products that work for your business. Next day delivery is available to ensure full risk management and power continuity.

Critical Power Supplies - Cooling Products

Project management services

Advanced equipment is not enough in isolation; expert consultation is also required to help minimise risks and maximise results. Our project management solutions merge customer-led processes with industry experience and support. Regardless of your size or industry sector, we can support your business goals and manage your project from beginning to end. Critical Power Supplies will speak with suppliers on your behalf, control power supply installation, and manage operational budgets and timescales to reduce risk. We also provide access to The Battery Foundation to ensure battery testing, ongoing inspection, and efficient battery field life.

In-house training

Efficient power supply use and effective risk management demand proper training. We provide in-house training solutions for all staff to help them understand and operate critical power systems. Whether you're big or small, education and training programs are a vital component of all risk mitigation strategies. Our staff are trained, certified, and experienced. In these challenging times, correct maintenance is more critical than ever, and your staff can be trained to help. Our comprehensive training program includes 'The Introduction to Battery and Battery Chargers', a comprehensive three-part training course on all aspects of battery maintenance.

Post-sales support

To minimise risk, it's important to avoid gaps in your power coverage. We offer 24 x 7 after-sales support to ensure full confidence and power at all times. Our post-sales support operates nationwide 365 days a year to ensure maximum continuity. Whether it's by phone, via email, or on-site, our customer service and engineering teams are here to assist you whenever they're needed. We support a wide range of industry sectors across the country and have the experience required to analyse and fix problems fast. From critical military and marine systems to IT and telecommunications, organisations across the UK rely on our after-sales support to minimise risk and maximise performance.

Complete power solutions

At Critical Power Supplies, we provide complete power solutions for your confidence and peace-of-mind. To minimise risk and avoid power disruption, it's important to deal with a respected and experienced company. We take the time to listen to your needs, analyse your specific situation, and research viable solutions that work for your business and industry sector. Nothing is left to chance, with our broad range of power solutions combining advanced products with project management, training, and additional support services.

Critical Power Supplies - Complete Power Solutions.

We don't just sell and install power systems; we apply advanced technology solutions. We work hard to maintain an active and engaged community to minimise risk and maximise operational capacity at all times. Along with power continuity, risk management is about energy efficiency, resource conservation, and legal compliance. At Critical Power Supplies, we abide by all UK regulations, CSR policies, and legal obligations. In addition, we do our best to operate as a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. If you want to ensure complete power continuity and reduce risk throughout your organisation, please contact Callum White, Sales Team Leader or use our online contact form here.