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Riello Sentryum Online UPS Ensures Power Flow Remains Steady and Unchanged

Published by Lee Kelly on 06 November 2019

Power spikes, interruptions and complete outages can occur at any time, bringing down technology and interrupting crucial business processes. As a result, important data can easily be lost, and systems made unusable for long periods. This, in turn, can cause customer dissatisfaction and sometimes even loss of once faithful customers.

Though this should be an infrequent occurrence, it can be problematic, hence the need for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’s), a device that provides uninterrupted backup power to servers, and other mission-critical equipment, from companies such as Critical Power Supplies LTD.

Critical Power Supplies Ltd provides a range of turnkey installation services and in life management solutions which makes managing your critical Infrastructure painless and simple. With our own in house engineers and electricians, we can deliver install and maintain your equipment 24x7 all via one contact.

The Online UPS Solution

Since an online UPS is perpetually  running on an inverter, there is no transition from line to battery power, thus delivering a steady power flow and ensuring no interruptions in business processes.

One of the greatest benefits of an online UPS is the way it acts as an  electrical firewall between incoming utility power and sensitive  equipment that could become damaged by even the slightest power  interruption or surge. This makes the online UPS ideal for situations where electrical isolation is needed, or when equipment that is extremely sensitive to power fluctuations is used. Enter, Sentryum by Riello.
Critical Power Supplies - Sentryum Range Compact, Active and Xtend

Why Choose Sentryum Solutions?

Sentryum by Riello provides three online UPS choices, ensuring the right solution is readily available at any time. The Sentryum line is often referred to as S3T and encompasses three online UPS solutions.

Select the cabinet size that fits the equipment. With a power range of 10 kVA – 20 kVA, this Riello range of products can meet the high technology demands in today’s fast-paced business world.

Riello Sentryum Online UPS Features

Sentryum is a flexible product, offering three cabinet sizes: Compact, Active and Xtend. Each is designed to suit the needs of mission-critical applications and small data centres. Enhanced overload and short circuit capacity have been included to guarantee the Sentryum online UPS are always available when needed.

A 5-inch colour touch screen display has been incorporated along with an intuitive LED status indicator that changes colour depending upon the current operating state of the UPS. This makes the Sentryum online UPS a flexible option for providing uninterrupted power during critical times.

The compactness of the Sentryum online UPS makes it easy to store in tight areas, ensuring power is always provided when needed.

The Sentryum is available in 10 kVa, 15 kVa, and 20 kVa versions, improving on previous models. It was developed as a result of extensive research and customer feedback to determine exactly what features were needed in an online UPS.

The Sentryum is easier to maintain than other UPS types due to the presence of fewer connectors and components. The S3T, as the Sentryum trio of products, are referred to, redefine flexible power protection by offering three differently-sized cabinets so the needs of mission-critical applications and small data centres can easily be met.

The Compact option boasts a small footprint measuring approximately 0.25 m2. The physical measurements are 280mm in width, 840mm in depth and 700mm in height. It contains only one internal battery string and is specifically designed for use in spaces that are extremely restricted.

The footprint for the Active option measures at approximately 0.35 m2. Its measurements are 380mm width, 850mm depth and 1025mm height. The Active can contain either one or two internal battery strings.

The Xtend is the largest of the three with a footprint measuring 0.4 m2. It's dimensions are width: 440mm, depth: 840mm, and height: 1320mm. It can include up to three internal battery strings all in one cabinet. The Xtend also provides the option to add an isolation transformer and it’s possible to upgrade enclosure protection from IP20 or IP21 to IP31.

All these features combined add true versatility to the new Sentryum online UPS products from the smallest to the largest. This ensures exact business needs can be met and decreases the likelihood of data loss through edge computing or unwanted damage occurring when power issues arise.

Sentryum Components

The Sentryum line was manufactured using state of the art components. These include a dual-core DSP processor and three-level inverters operating at a high frequency of 18kHz ensuring full-rated power. Exceptional operating efficiency is rated at up to 96.5 per cent when in online double conversion mode.

Sentryum Control System

The Sentryum online UPS is available as three-phase-single phase input, three-phase input and output or single-phase output. It includes a unique system designed to reduce harmonic voltage distortion. High overload options are also present, allowing UPS units to handle peak loads that occur suddenly without the need to transfer to bypass.

Sentryum Operating Modes

The Sentryum online UPS units include a complete range of operating modes that are controllable by users. These include:

  • Smart Active
  • Online
  • Eco (up to 99 percent efficiency)
  • Emergency (Standby Off)
  • Frequency Converter

The Sentryum range of online GPS units is also compatible with sealed lead-acid (VLRA) AGM, open vent, GEL or nickel-cadmium batteries. Alternative backup sources like supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries can also be used.

Sophisticated battery management systems have been incorporated into this line of online UPS units to ensure optimal operating life and performance. These systems include recharge voltage compensation and deep discharge protection. Higher powered chargers (20A) can be used for longer runtime applications. All these options work well for when single-phase UPS solutions, three-phase UPS solutions, Parallel UPS Solutions for N+1 Redundancy and extended runtime UPS solutions are needed.

A wide range of connectors are also present on the Sentryum online UPS line of products. RS232, USB and RJ10 ports make connecting easy, and there are several slots for inserting network and parallel communications cards.

The Sentryum UPS units are compatible with the full range of Riello UPS management and UPS networking software, adding to their versatility and capability. The flexibility offered by three available solutions makes the Sentryum line of online UPS units suitable for use across a broad range of applications. Multiple configuration options make it easy to set up and change as needed.

The available accessories, proven performance of the Sentryum UPS units and the many options available offer true customisation of the ultimate online UPS solution.

Choose Sentryum Online UPS Options By Riello

The new Sentryum products by Riello are unique and boast a broad range of features. There are fewer connections, cables and components, the units require less space and are more cost-effective. They are also easier to maintain.

It is possible to run up to eight Sentryum units together in parallel to provide redundancy or scale-up capacity altogether.

The Sentryum S3T provides the perfect solution for those times when uninterrupted power is vital, and stopping server processes could damage not only the equipment but the business as a whole. This ensures critical loads are protected against power spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations and power failures.

Riello’s three different Sentryum options allow users to select the right solution for the equipment while providing a multitude of powerful features for each. Data loss and the stress of a hard shutdown on electronic equipment can be minimised and often prevented by incorporating the right UPS solution into the mix. Servers and small data centres will run more smoothly as a result.

Critical Power Supplies Can Take Care of Riello Installation and Maintenance Needs

As an approved NICEIC Electrical installation and Maintenance Partner for Riello, Critical Power Supplies can take care of all solution installation and maintenance needs, ensuring smooth operation. Services include:

  • Power and lighting
  • Condition reporting
  • Backup infrastructure
  • AC/DC power distribution
  • Building management systems
  • Commercial data cabling/fibre installations
  • Three-Phase Installations
  • and much more.

For more information, contact Critical Power Supplies at 0800 978 8988.