Solar Panel Grading A, B or C?

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When it comes to Solar Panels they are not all the same and can be graded A, B, C?

A Grade solar cells are prime flawless solar cells.

B Grade solar cells are solar cells that contain a visual flaw that does not affect the power, their price is a little lower than A Grade cells.

C Grade solar cells are those with a flaw that affects the power output, so the output power is somehow lower than A and B Grade cells, and the price is lowest. The C Grade solar cells we are selling are guaranteed to be reaching 90% of the power and efficiency rate is over 15%.

When considering to purchase Solar Panels its also worth looking at the warranty for the panels and not just the brand name. For exmaple a leading brand of Solar Panels comes with the following Power warranty;

GradeYearPower Output Warranty %
1upto year 590%
2Upto year 1090%
3Upto year 1080%

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