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Top 5 Modular UPS Systems

Published by Lee Kelly on 27 February 2020

With modular UPS systems increasingly becoming popular with the ability to expand your power requirements as you need rather than having a fixed output traditional design overcome through simply adding additional power module and battery units, Modular Systems over significant advantage over traditional designs of UPS solutions.  With a low cost to expand capacity and run-time, Reviewing Modular UPS designs should be a key part of your RFQ process when reviewing future options for your data centre or Server Farm.

The Design Team here at Critical Power Supplies have picked out a few of the best modular UPS systems available. So let’s take a look at some of the best on the market and reasons why they are great.

  1. 1. APC - Symmetra PX

Critical Power Supplies - Top 5 Modular UPS Systems image 1

The APC Symmetra PX is a brilliant modular UPS that is built for high performance with scalability from 10kW all the way up to 500kW. The Symmetra PX integrates seamlessly with state-of-the-art data centre designs. Another feature of this unit is that it has self-diagnostic capabilities and standardised modules that mitigate the risk of human error meaning an increase in overall data centre reliability.

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities.
  • Dedicated and redundant power, intelligence, battery and bypass modules.
  • Truly modular system.
  • Parallelable up to 2MW of power protection.
  1. 2. Riello - Multi Power

Critical Power Supplies - Top 5 Modular UPS Systems image 2

The Riello UPS Multi Power is a great modular UPS with 2 distinct styles of cabinet you can have a full-sized rack (2000mm high) (MPW) or the half-size rack (1200mm high). Delivering from 15kW all the way up to 1176kW using specifically designed components and transformerless technologies to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Highly efficient systems 96.6%.
  • Expandable power capacity up to 1176kW.
  • Lithium-ion compatible.
  • Parallel up to 4 cabinets.
  1. 3. Gamatronic - B300

Critical Power Supplies - Top 5 Modular UPS Systems image 3

The B300 from Gamatronic is a great modular UPS choice for most systems and starts at a 30kW system and can scale all the way up to 1200kW. This system is built with top of the line modular architecture and paralleling capability for scaling up the system. The power modules in the system are hot-swappable and are 30kW modules. The system provides extremely high reliability for medium to large-sized critical loads.

  • Transformerless design.
  • 30kW scalable to 1200kW system.
  • High efficiency 96.5%.
  • Internal oscilloscope.
  • Lithium-Ion Compatible.
  1. 4. Eaton - 93PM

Critical Power Supplies - Top 5 Modular UPS Systems image 4

The Eaton 93PM is a modular UPS that has a global installed capacity of over 500MVA. With a low cost of total ownership and high availability for a mission-critical application. The 93PM starts at 30kW all the way up to 500kW systems.

  • Matching fault to current levels
  • Power modules can operate independently
  • Easy to scale upwards
  1. 5. Vertiv - Liebert APM

Critical Power Supplies - Top 5 Modular UPS Systems image 5

The Liebert APM by Vertiv is a versatile and transformer-less modular UPS. With great protection for medium to large-sized critical applications. With a starting capacity of 30kW and a total capacity of 600kW in a single unit. When paralleled the Liebert APM can reach a maximum of 2.4MW.

  • High efficiency of up to 96.3%.
  • Flexible power configurations (30kW and 50kW power modules).
  • Hot-swappable
  • Unity output power factor.


There you have it our top 5 modular UPS that we recommend for any businesses needing a modular UPS and plans to expand their power needs over the coming months and years.

If a modular UPS is something that you need or require assistance in designing your Critical Power Solution you can rest easy knowing that you got the best company for your Mission Critical IT Project.  With over 25 years of experience and an ever-expanding team of experts, we provide unrivalled independent advice.

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