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Trade in your old UPS

Published by Lee Kelly on 19 April 2018

What’s the Trade-In Program?

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Critical Power supplies has partnered with Salicru to launch a Trade-In program, with our trade in programme you can trade in your old online UPS for a Salicru model of the same rating or higher and enjoy the latest feature-rich products and solutions for a range of applications from IT, Security, Production Plants to Medical applications. Our wide range of On-Line UPS Solutions provide the following benefits.

  • Significantly increase your power efficiency on site.
  • Minimise risk to your power grid by replacing older power solutions with high-reliability solutions.
  • Lower operational costs through improved efficiency.
  • Reduce upfront expenses.
  • Enjoy a 3-year warranty on new products as standard.

Critical Power Supplies - Trade in your old UPS image 1

We don’t mind the make, model or age, as long as the UPS being replaced is based on On-line UPS technology, a Salacru model and installed in the UK, your new product can benefit from our trade-in program which provides up to a 15% discount off MRP and a £10 cashback per KVA.

Trade-In and save big

Investing in a newer, high efficient UPS solutions, with the latest software for VMWare, Windows, Mac will not only protect your Critical Infrastructure but will also save you money and reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.
To learn more about our trade-in program please call us on 0800 978 8988 or email

Additional features of the Trade-In program include:

  • Up to 3-year warranty on new units
  • Free removal and shipping of existing units
  • Ability to trade in multiple UPSs for one larger unit
  • Use your discount off RRP to save on extra runtime solutions, SNMP cards or maintenance contracts.

Checkout Salacrus range of UPS systems here.