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UPS Capacitors Announcement

Published by Lee Kelly on 09 August 2019

The health and safety executive government body has issued a safety alert for a specific type of UPS capacitor with known model numbers of ICAR LNF-P3B-200-27 and ICAR LNF-P3X-200-38. The manufacture of the capacitors is ICAR of Monza, Italy. This has caused two fires in industrial UPS system that was determined to be the failure (due to overheating).

To view the full HSE bulletin click here

Critical Power Supplies - Capacitors

What UPS are affected by this?

Riello has released a statement to its customers with the following.

We can confirm that Riello UPS does not use (and has never previously used) either capacitor model covered by the alert.

If you have UPS systems from other manufacturers that could feature the dangerous capacitors, we’d recommend replacing them as soon as possible.

This safety alert is also a timely reminder to review your UPS’s ventilation and cooling to make sure you never exceed safe operating temperatures.

And keep in mind it’s always best to proactively replace capacitor banks before they reach their end of service life.

Affected capacitors are known to be found in some models of UPS system manufactured by Vertiv Infrastructure, previously trading as Emerson or Chloride. As a result of this Vertiv has been contacting affected customers.

This list will be updated as and when other UPS systems are known and the manufactures responses.

How to prevent issue with your UPS system.

One of the main tasks if you have the affected ICAN capacitors then the first step would be to get them replaced promptly.

One way to reduce the likely hood of this happening but also have the UPS run smoother is to have your cooling reviewed and make sure you are running within the UPS recommended temps.

Having a maintenance contract is a great way to keep your system up and running and reduce the likely hood of any failures. With the maintenance contract, it can also reduce the amount you may spend on fixing issues that could have been prevented. If you would like to know more about keeping your system safe and prolonging the life of your system call us today!