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UPS Maintenance, Upgrades, and Emergency Services

Published by Lee Kelly on 14 October 2019

Modern businesses rely on the steady flow of electricity for every aspect of their operations. In order to ensure the overall coordination and reliability of your power system, it's important to invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) maintenance and upgrade solution. Whether you're operating a small warehouse, a growing data centre, or a large processing plant, continuous access to reliable power needs to be protected through advanced equipment, preventative maintenance, and emergency response measures.

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Benefits of UPS maintenance and renewal

Your UPS is responsible for continuous, dependable, and high-quality power through the coordination of AC and DC power systems. As your most critical asset, access to clean power needs to be protected to ensure the functionality and safety of your workplace and team. We have access to leading UPS equipment and maintenance coverage, including Riello UPS, Eaton UPS, and APC UPS solutions.

Power availability

Access to a reliable source of power is a basic component of modern business. Regardless of your working hours or industry sector, power is needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Power interruptions can have serious consequences, including service disruptions, production inefficiencies, and equipment damage. If you have clients or customers who depend on your services, power disruption is simply not an option.

Power quality

Along with a reliable flow of electricity, it's also important to ensure dependable power quality. A UPS help to protect critical infrastructure and equipment against a range of power issues, including spikes, sags, and harmonic distortion. Modern UPS systems and regular maintenance helps to coordinate the flow of AC and DC electricity through relevant power infrastructure, including inverters, batteries, and cables.

Safeguard assets

Power disruptions and poor power quality can cause significant damage to critical infrastructure and business assets. From manufacturing and processing equipment through to computing hardware, all electrical-based assets are dependent on the reliable and steady flow of electricity. By ensuring power availability and quality at all times with critical maintenance and upgrades, your UPS can protect the assets that define your business.

Workplace safety

While electricity is a key component of every modern business, it can also be incredibly dangerous. In order to protect your workplace and team, it's important to purchase a UPS that meets your needs and have it maintained regularly to ensure its correct operation. Access to 24x7 UPS maintenance support and emergency call-out services is an important part of workplace safety.

Compliance and insurance

Modern businesses have to meet a number of compliance obligations, with health and safety standards needing to align with workplace processes, insurance requirements, and regulatory guidelines for specific industry sectors. Access to leading UPS solutions and maintenance contracts is an important way to ensure compliance and minimise insurance premiums.

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UPS services and standards

Responsible power management is a three-part process that demands access to the right equipment, regular maintenance, and a considered upgrade path to meet your current and future requirements. We can help with all aspects of this process, with a consultation service available alongside our installation, maintenance, and renewal solutions.

If you demand the best when it comes to electricity, we can help you to maximise system availability, increase efficiency, and meet budget and timeline constraints. After-sales service is critical, with robust power management dependent on long-term coverage and emergency support services.

We carry out a comprehensive range of UPS maintenance and renewal services in alignment with datasheet standards. We work with some of the world's biggest companies and offer leading Riello UPS, Eaton UPS, and APC UPS solutions.

Whether you've purchased a plug and play UPS or a hardwired system, professional servicing and maintenance contracts are needed to ensure optimal performance while minimising the risk of downtime. UPS upgrades are an important consideration, with our team offering modernisation services alongside UPS refresh and renewal solutions. Key services include:

Site inspection and installation

Our site inspection, assessment, and consultation service is the best way to ensure the operational efficiency and fault-free operation of your UPS system. We also provide a comprehensive installation service, with our project managers able to optimise your equipment, integrate it effectively, and extend the life of your assets. We offer complete custom solutions that include critical power supplies, inverters, batteries, and advanced remote monitoring.

UPS and system maintenance

We offer a range of maintenance plans to suit the needs of different businesses and industry sectors, including preventative visits, firmware upgrades, replacement parts, and custom monitoring and testing solutions. We offer a range of coverage options, with most plans covering labour costs for UPS, inverter, and battery repair and replacement. Our UPS maintenance services include visual and mechanical inspections, thermal imaging, electrical and mechanical tests, and alarm calibration and history reviews.

Battery and inverter solutions

Along with the UPS itself, your batteries and inverter play a crucial role in the prevention of power failure. Our battery maintenance services test battery capacity and condition through resistance testing and voltage measurements. We can adjust connections and battery fluid levels when required to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your battery cells. We can also check the functionality and alignment of your inverter, ensure battery charge levels, and monitor your batteries remotely to ensure proper operation at all times.

UPS renewal solutions

All power systems and electrical components have a limited life span, with UPS and system renewal services needed to prevent future problems. We carry out a range of modernisation and renewal services to all parts of your electrical system. From critical power supplies and battery replacement through to modern control and monitoring systems, we offer a range of upgrade paths and customised renewal plans based around the future needs of your business. With access to Riello UPS, Eaton UPS, and APC UPS solutions, we have everything you need to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Emergency call-out

Comprehensive power management demands professional support at all times. While buying the right equipment, maintaining it properly, and upgrading key assets are all important, ultimate protection also demands access to emergency call-out services and 24x7 UPS maintenance support. Preventive maintenance is an important part of the solution, but you also need to be prepared for the unexpected. Our qualified team provides 24x7 generator support when required, with other services also available through our out of hours UPS technical support line. If you demand the ultimate in power protection at all times, we've got you covered.