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Critical Power and Infrastructure Handbook

Our must-have guide on power protection solutions and technology has now been refreshed and reprinted for 2017! It is essential for anyone involved in critical business applications.

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Ministry of Cake Switchboard solutions

We were asked to custom design and build new switchboards to enable this manufacturer increase the power supply at their factory.

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Why UPS and Power Solutions Matter in the Manufacturing Industry

Your 24/7 manufacturing operations need a consistent power supply on a daily basis. The size and nature of the modern manufacturing industry, with just-in-time supply chains and constant operations means that your business relies on a continuous, reliable source of power. But what if your business isn’t getting the power supply it needs?

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Critical Power Supplies offers everything you need for uninterruptible power supplies.

Critical Power Supplies offers everything you need for Critical applications from UPS, Generators, PDU, Cooling, Racks and Replacement Batteries to power cables and consumables.

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Why do you need UPS?

UPS systems are not just useful if you lose mains power. The back up system provides reassurance for you and your hardware in case of any other power disruptions, such as electrical storms, load switching by power companies and much more. Read our guide to find out more about UPS and the benefits for your business.

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How we help our customers take care of the environment

When buying power protection services, we know our customers can be sure that Critical Power take the utmost care to ensure that not only do we operate as sustainability as we can, but we also strive to make the balance easy for our customers.

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