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Powershield3 Version 6.0.0

Riello UPS is proud to announce the new version of its Communication and Shutdown Software PowerShield3 is now available.
The release V. 6.0.0 has been designed following the most advanced technological systems and has 70% new source code and a new graphic interface.

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Is your business ready for phase 2 of the ESOS Scheme?

If you’re part of a large business in the UK, you will be affected by the mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulations. This government scheme requires all businesses with over 250 employees or a turnover of over 50 million euro to audit the energy used in their building and identify energy efficient measures that could be implemented.

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Preventative Maintenance Visits

Being proactive about the maintenance of your Critical Infrastructure has many benefits, not least of which is avoiding costly repairs and down time. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is essential for guaranteeing uptime, saving money, ensuring optimum performance of your Infrasture and while it works as efficiently as possible saving your money over the lifespan of your equipment.

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Fire Suprression

Fire Suppression systems must be designed, implemented and maintained on principles which ensure the smooth operation of your Fire Suppression system 24×7.

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Year after year businesses are seeing their energy bills rise.

Year after year businesses are seeing their energy bills rise. The realities are there are very little signs of it ever abating (if it ever has!). The scale of increase is often impossible to accurately predict, particularly shorter term, and with so many unknowns involved and influencing the energy prices, little wonder that many are turning to a holistic approach to their energy management. So, from a business perspective what does this actually mean?

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Huawei IDS100-A All-In-One Containerised Data Centre

The Huawei IDS1000-A is now available from Critical Power Supplies and is a highly integrated small-capacity container data center solutions, which integrated all systems in one container.

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