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Eaton E-guide to sustainability, cutting costs 19/7/2016

Required: Best possible efficiency Keep in mind the UPS industry has touted double conversion as the only acceptable operating mode for 40 years. This risk-averse mindset may be difficult to change overnight but ESS is here to stay

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Eaton Flex PDU

Eaton has launched a new range of 1U and 2U enclosure power distribution units (ePDU), which has been specifically designed to help IT managers optimise intelligent power distribution in converged and hyperconverged infrastructure stacks and smaller IT applications.

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Eaton 9PX 1-3kVA UPS New UPS

The Eaton 9PX UPS (2200-3000W) provides advanced protection for small and medium Datacentres, IT rooms and Infrastructure. Delivering double conversion protection and being the first in its class to provide Unity power factor (VA=W). Available as a Rackmount or Tower UPS.

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Lithium Batteries and there Benefits

Many aspects of technology for uninterruptible power supplies have rapidly advanced, but one that is still firmly rooted in a traditional approach is batteries. In particular, lead acid batteries still feature as a dominant and essential part of any typical energy storage mechanic within a UPS operation.

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Benefit longer term, by investing in testing your UPS system

It is misguided to assume that just because a UPS is running; it is fully operational, fit for purpose and legal. While a power failure may only occur for minutes, recovery can take weeks, if not months (and be expensive).

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Cyberpower UPS Spring Offer 2016

Special promotion on Professional Series UPS. Buy Selected Models and choose the special promotions that suits you.

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