Certified UPS and Generator Engineers – Manufacturer Approved

As an independent supplier, Critical Power Supplies operates a nationwide service network covering third-party UPS and generators. The engineers used to commission, install, service and maintain our systems are certified and approved by our manufacturing partners.

Certification means that they are trained in all aspects of the systems – from electrical specification and performance, to fault-finding and health and safety practices. The engineers also have access to the latest engineering bulletins, spares, firmware updates and technical support.

The systems we supply can have an ‘open or closed’ protocol.

‘Closed’ means that the service engineer will require a dongle, password or licensed access to the service software packages required to communicate with the UPS. Communication is can be necessary to access firmware logs, configuration points and clear certain faults and alarms. A closed protocol is one of the ways a manufacturer ‘manages’ their service network to prevent unauthorised companies servicing their kit.

An ‘Open’ protocol will include basic password protection but mean that any third-party service company can install and maintain the system. However such organisations will not have the same level of access to company information, training and support as a certified engineer. In addition use of a non-approved engineer or service company could result in the voiding of any warranty.

Please let us know if you would like more information on engineer certification and the use of open or closed protocol systems.

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