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Electrical Installations

We have years of experience offering electrical installations for a range of businesses. Electrics, if not installed and serviced correctly, are extremely dangerous. It is important that any installation work is undertaken by a qualified engineer you can trust. At Critical Power Supplies, we can help.

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Electrical Installations 

With our qualified and experienced engineers, you can be sure that you are getting work that is unmatched in quality. We offer a wide range of services and installations to meet all your needs. If you need support installing, servicing or repairing electrical components or systems at your facility, we encourage you to reach out. Our engineers offer the following: 

  • Condition reportingA pair of pliers next to electrical wire
  • Power and lighting support
  • AC/DC power distribution
  • Emergency lighting, fire alarms and security
  • Backup infrastructure
  • Building management systems
  • Commercial data cabling/fibre installations
  • Three-Phase installations
  • New or upgraded distribution boards
  • Bus-bar trunking installations
  • External lighting
  • Tray & basket cable support
  • Low bay and high bay lighting
  • Heating & ventilation systems
  • Fault-finding of industrial machinery
  • Repair and maintenance of three-phase machinery
  • Office L1 compliant lighting schemes
  • Enhanced security systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Security installations
  • Inspection and testing in compliance with BS 7671
  • NICEIC approved certification
  • Office refurbishments
  • Retail shop refurbishments
  • Educational premises
  • Domestic and commercial electric vehicle charging point
  • PAT testing

Electric Installations 

Condition reporting – All electrical installation deteriorates with use and time. Therefore, it is critical that you get any installation work condition reported to make sure that there are no hazards. This will also help to point out anything that could need replacing or reinstalling soon. 

Power and lighting – Do you need power and lighting to be installed in an expansion to your offices? Or are you in need of a different power setup for your sites? If so, we can be sure to meet your requirements with our power and lighting installation services.

AC/DC power distribution – Have the need for both AC and DC power in your buildings or sites? We can install both power types to make sure that you can run different types of equipment and sockets.

Emergency lighting, fire alarms and security – As a business owner, keeping your employees and equipment safe and secure is a top priority. By having emergency lighting, it makes it safer for your employees to find the quickest and easiest way to escape during an emergency. With security cameras and doors, you can make sure that your assets can be locked away and monitored to help keep your sensitive data secure.

Backup infrastructure – Every company’s worst nightmare is the loss of power during the working day. Our backup infrastructure systems can be installed by one of our engineers, and will help to keep operations up and running during critical moments.

Building management systems – These systems can help you be in control of everything in a simple and easy way. Have all your ventilation, heating, air conditioning and more monitored so that you can keep in control of your building and its systems.

Commercial data cabling/fibre installations – We can help lay data cables for your building so that you can keep connected. Our engineers can lay standard ethernet and even fibre: providing the foundation for the data that you rely on.

Domestic and commercial electric vehicle charging point – Here at Critical Power Supplies, we are currently looking at providing a vehicle charging point installation service. If you are in need of having a charging point installed at your home or offices, then contact us for any more details.

PAT Testing – This is the testing of electrical applications to see if they are safe for use. Getting your equipment PAT tested means you can ensure that your equipment is up to the regulations that are set by the government. Most importantly though, it helps to identify issues with electrical equipment that could lead to accidents if left unresolved. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services and support that extends beyond the list on this page. If you need anything else, then be sure to give us a call on 0800 088 5133

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