Emergency Maintenance and Critical Repairs of your UPS Systems and Backup Generators.

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Emergency UPS Repair

Your UPS is a critical part of the infrastructure keeping your site powered. If your UPS goes down or has given you one or multiple error codes, then you need to get your UPS repaired urgently. While maintenance contracts give you a specific response time, if you don’t have a maintenance contract or your contract has expired, you still need a specialist to come out and fix the issue with your UPS while there aren’t any power issues.

Don’t let your company lose out on potentially thousands of pounds by not fixing a potentially critical issue with your UPS.

Emergency Generator Repair

With your emergency infrastructure in place, your generator is crucial to allow you for a long backup time of multiple hours, if not days, depending on your generator and setup. Having your critical generator fail when needed most is one of the worst-case scenarios. This is where our emergency generator repair comes in. If you have an issue and have a maintenance contract, or even if you don’t, you call our team, and we will get our dedicated team out to you ASAP and fix your issues and get you back up and running.

Emergency Infrastructure Callouts

If you have any issues with your infrastructure, you must have them looked at as soon as possible. Leaving an issue untreated could cause significant problems such as power outages, emergency lighting not working, offline security systems, and much more. These callouts can help you diagnose a problem in a very short turnaround and give you some options to fix or replace faulty equipment or cabling.

Ensure that you don’t get caught out by an infrastructure issue. With our emergency infrastructure callouts, let Critical Power Supplies take the headache out of managing your infrastructure and put you on the right path.

Skilled UPS and Generator Engineers on Standby

We have a range of specialised and highly skilled UPS and generator engineers on standby to be called out to repair your critical power infrastructure.

No Contract Required

We don’t require you to have a maintenance contract to have an emergency call out with Critical Power Supplies. This means that you can still get your UPS and generator devices repaired and back up protecting your infrastructure as soon as possible.

All Manufactures

We can fix a range of manufacturers such as ABB, APC, Cyberpower, Eaton, Riello UPS, Vertiv, Tecnoware, Tripp Lite, Salicru and many more.

We pride ourselves on being brand agnostic so that we can offer you the best quality of service for all our services.

Be Confident in your UPS and Generator Repair! Choose a Trusted Company TODAY.

Choose Critical Power Supplies to fix your UPS and generator, and we will give you the confidence that your UPS is repaired to the highest standard and it will function as you expect when/if the time comes.

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Prevent your UPS or Generator from FAILING by Taking out a Maintenance Contract

Protect your ups system from failure and have preventative maintenance services to keep your UPS and generator systems in working order to AVOID any critical failures and the loss of power to your infrastructure.

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