There are two key components to our environmental approach:

  • Company’s responsibility: to operate as sustainably as we can through close management of our own use of natural resources, by implementing energy efficient policies, optimising our travel and distribution, right the way through to office recycling schemes
  • Client commitment: to ensure the products and solutions we supply are as energy efficient and environmentally sound as we can possibly make them

We care about the planet and about taking care of it. But, we need to be realistic and appreciate the needs of businesses to preserve the bottom line and reduce costs. So, how can Critical Power help?


You can reduce the cost of your new UPS system when you trade in or recycle your old one through us. We are licensed to remove and dispose of it for you, particularly the UPS batteries, where it is a legal requirement (in accordance with environmental standards and policies).


This enables customers to take full advantage of new, more energy efficient power protection, energy management and cooling technologies at a reduced cost and without creating the waste normally associated with rip-out-and-replace scenarios. It doesn’t matter what brand your old equipment is, or whether it works or not, our service (including UPS recycling) is available to customers of all sizes and in all types of business or operation.


Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, when you buy new UPS or batteries, electrical and electronic equipment from us, then we can arrange for the collection and treatment of your existing waste electric and electronic equipment.

Even if you have not purchased from us you can still send your UPS and batteries for recycling by simply calling our Customer Care centre to arrange receipt of your electronic equipment, when you will be issued with a recycling number so we can accept your shipment. (Please note shipping to us is paid for by you or we can arrange collection for a fee.)

For household customers, you can use the established waste electric and electronic equipment collection system. This may require you to ship or drop the battery off at a location specified by the collection service used.


Critical Power Supplies provides detailed EOLI documentation for its products, available in the Sustainable Offer Status section on the products’ technical specification page. This document details recommended disassembly and disposal instructions and identifies the materials, components and subassemblies that may require special end-of-life management.

If you’d like to recycle your waste electronic equipment locally, the EOLI is a useful document that can assist your selected recycler to handle the donated material in a responsible way.


The WEEE marking on electrical products sold by Critical Power Supplies applies to all European Union countries with WEEE and e-waste regulations (e.g., European Directive 2002/96/EC or WEEE). Products are labeled in accordance with local regulations concerning waste electrical and electronic equipment. The WEEE directive defines the framework for the return and recycling of waste electronic equipment in each European country. This label is applied to various products to indicate that the product is not to be thrown away, but rather put in the established collection systems for reclamation.