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Factory Witness Testing

Factory witness testing aims to prove a solution provides the power, runtime, efficiency required by the client. At Critical Power Supplies, we aim to match the specification agreed to with accurate load bank tests and real time failure simulations. With a wealth of experience and expertise, make us your first choice for accurate and reliable factory witness testing.

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Factory Witness Testing

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Factory witness testing is a crucial element in the process of installing a client’s uninterruptible power supply system. The overall aim of this type of test is to ensure your system meets the requirements of the facility. This is done by ensuring all components and equipment meet the contractual specifications and standards. A number of simulations and tests are carried out which can include anything from visual inspections to failure simulations and input/ output efficiency. In addition to this, factory witness testing gives the customer the opportunity to see their system in operation prior to installation. At this stage of the process, the customer (you) and ask the installer (us) any questions and express any concerns. Factory witness testing guarantees the optimal performance of the UPS system as well as customer satisfaction. 

UPS and generator witness testing is available for large UPS systems up to 200kVA in the UK or at the relevant UPS manufacturer’s premises. Whereas a UK visit can generally be done in a day, a manufacturer visit requires advance booking of around a month. This is because they are based in Europe and will normally involve a test programme typically running for one or two days.

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Working with a range of stakeholders (consultants, specifiers, engineers and key personnel), we ensure that the configured UPS system performs to specification and completes an exacting test procedure prior to delivery. The customer is given the opportunity to discuss further engineering aspects of design, performance and specification. If you would like to discuss this service in greater detail with one of our team, hit the button below. From here you can fill out a contact form and one of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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