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Critical Power Supplies provides a number of guides and shown below is our growing list of guides which are provided free of charge.

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Guides by application.


How batteries work and their different types

Power Problems.

Different types of power problems guide

Fuel Cell Design.

Fuel Cell design & how they work

High Temperature Fuel Cell design & how they work

Generators Solutions and Sizing.

How do Generators work

How to size a Generator System

How to ensure UPS Systems work with Generators

How To Build Your Own Electrical Grid Using Renewable Energy.

How to build your own electrical grid

Download Victron Energy Unlimited Energy Book

Solar Panels.

How do Solar Panels work

How to size a Solar Panel System

UPS Solutions, Designs & Types/Options.

How do UPS Systems work

Explanations of alternative UPS designs

Explanations of different types of UPS applications

How to size a UPS System

How to ensure UPS Systems work with Generators

How to decide which UPS option/’s

Top 10 tips for UPS Ownership

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Note – Download Area

In our download area we provide access to Battery  Datasheets, DC Solution Datasheets, Fuel Cells Datasheets, Grid Connect  Invertors Datasheets, Generator Datasheets, Solar Panels Datasheets and  UPS Datasheets. If you require an installation, operation manual please contact us via one of the following methods:

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