Hospitals and medical environments require the highest degree of security when it comes to electricity supply. Requiring high-level engineering expertise alongside responsive and tactical working practices, each critical area requires its own power protection. This generally also includes a site-wide system and independent, on-site power generation.

Life-saving and support equipment, security, lighting and information systems must all be protected, available and maintained from the damage or data loss that can be caused by power problems or failure.

The right medical UPS is vital

It must be able to fail safely to mains if overloaded or if it develops a fault parallel, N+1 redundancy is essential, as is power conditioning.

So, why choose Critical Power?

  • Experienced: completed a number of high-profile power projects for hospitals and healthcare practices. Offer complete range of power continuity value-added services.
  • Knowledgeable: used to working in sensitive environments and have certification to work in restricted areas such as: chemical, industrial and trackside (OHSAS 18001, SAFEcontractor). Accredited ISO 9001, 27001 and ISO 14001.
  • Nationwide: including Northern Ireland and carry a full stock of critical parts, spares and ancillary products, for fast access for routine and preventative maintenance.
  • Qualified: our engineers are fully qualified and accredited by professional bodies and the manufacturers whose products we supply.
  • Manufacturer independent: approved by leading industry brands to supply, fit and service their products and solutions and choose the best solution, rather than taking all the offering from one manufacturer. Provide a range of single-phase and three-phase UPS, generators and ancillary power protection equipment, energy management and cooling systems from leading manufacturers.
  • Efficient: fulfill orders and deliver equipment on time and within budget.
  • Environmental: supply the most up-to-date, energy efficient products and solutions, offer trade in on certain equipment and licensed to dispose of end-of-life electrical equipment and batteries.