Whether single or multi-channel, retailing is one of the most dynamic sectors, so UPS power protection solutions need to reflect the wide variety of multiple requirements. The right equipment needs to be chosen for each aspect of the business (from entry-level UPS that protects point of sale equipment, to large systems that power site-wide facilities).

Avoiding the impact of power failure

Without electricity, Point of Sale (PoS) machinery is unusable, cash management grinds to a halt, door entry systems no longer work, building management, lighting, security, stock and inventory control and re-ordering all go offline. Food retailers may also lose stocks worth thousands, if chillers and freezers are out of action for any length of time.

So why choose Critical Power?

  • Knowledgeable: designed, delivered, installed and commissioned a wide range of UPS systems across the retail sector.
  • Fast: can work to short deadlines and deliver solutions fast and within budget.
  • Realistic: ability to offer a smooth and non-disruptive installation (even if it entails working unsociable hours).
  • Manufacturer independent: approved by leading industry brands to supply, fit and service their products and solutions and choose the best solution, rather than taking all the offering from one manufacturer.
  • Effective: our project management takes away the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers and stakeholders – you only have to deal with us!
  • Experienced: engineering staff accredited and certified to work in restricted environments: chemical, industrial and trackside (OHSAS 18001, SAFEcontractor and Personal Trackside Safety). Also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.
  • Nationwide: including Northern Ireland, so can handle multi-branch implementations. Wide range of UPS power protection, energy management and cooling systems and services. Carry a full stock of critical parts, spares and ancillary products, for fast access for routine and preventative maintenance.
  • Environmental: supply the most up-to-date, energy efficient products and solutions, offer trade in and trade ups on certain equipment and licensed to dispose of end-of-life electrical equipment and batteries.