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Load Bank Testing

Our load bank testing service ensures that your backup power is functioning properly and is ready to perform in the event of your premises requiring standby power. Here at Critical Power Supplies, our experienced team can carry out load testing confidently and to the highest standards.

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Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is an essential service for emergency power owners. Many organisations rely on the use of standby generators and uninterruptible power supplies to provide power during cuts and outages. 

Technician making adjustments to a UPS systemThis ensures any business operations continue uninterrupted. If you rely on a standby generator at your building, it is essential that your generators undergo regular load bank testing and checks. This will help to guarantee that your systems are providing the emergency power you require, whilst identifying any potential issues. Whether you are a large scale business that runs industrial systems or a small tech firm, our team can help. We have handled a range of projects and can provide a solution regardless of scale.

UPS Load Testing

The UPS load testing service from Critical Power Supplies is carried out by our highly trained and qualified experts. UPS load testing involves a controlled test of your complete backup power protection system. The load bank test will show you whether your generator is capable of taking on the full load, so you are not at risk of an underperforming system when facing the situation of a power outage. If downtime does occur, you want to be safe in the knowledge that your emergency power systems are fully operational and functioning optimally. As part of our load bank testing service, we will complete the following: 

  • Test your generator’s ability to provide the required power under regular working conditions
  • Test the alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage stability of varying loads
  • Test the efficiency of your control systems under varying loads
  • Test the performance of oil coolant and fuel pressure systems
  • Test the performance of your system as a whole and identify any potential problems 

Generator Load Testing

If you require generator load testing or want to ensure your emergency power systems are running at 100%, our qualified team can help. With a large portfolio of clients as well as industry beating, competitive prices, make Critical Power Supplies your first choice for load testing. To start your journey, hit the ‘Request a Quote’ button today.

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