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Modular Containerised Solutions

Modular data centre, power backup, microgrids and energy generation are just some of the modular containerised solutions we can design for your company.

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Modular Containerised Solutions

Our modular containerised solutions are the go-to solution for sites requiring either temporary power and/or where there is no existing supply on-site or the potential to increase the supply. We also provide UPS Solutions in ISO Containers, which are for permanent installations where the UPS needs to be located outside the building due to space or floor loading.

At Critical Power Supplies Ltd, our design team provides a complete design, project management, delivery, electrical installation and maintenance service for its transportable container systems. With a range of flexible finance options, we enable expanding power solutions on-site, whether permanent or temporary, to be delivered on time and within budget.

ISO Containerised Power Solutions from Critical Power Supplies can be supplied with a combination of power protection solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies (standalone, parallel, and modular), generators, automatic mains failure (AMF) panels, standby power, and energy storage batteries, fuel cells, flywheels, LV switchgear, and distribution boards and air conditioning, fire suppression fitted as standard. Recent projects have included work on broadcast transmission solutions and painting the ISO containers to ensure they blend in.

Containerized Standby and Critical Power Solutions

Critical Power Supplies containerised power solutions incorporate self-contained systems within a standard ISO shipping container built to your specification to fit your Critical Power requirements. (20-foot, 40-foot and 60-foot options). Our containerised solutions can be easily deployed to sites across the UK, and we provide comprehensive on-site testing and a hand-over commissioning process. Including load bank duty testing of the containerised solution as part of our on-site commissioning solution.

The containers can be used for power in remote areas or brownfield or industrial sites requiring a secure structure to house their critical power protection systems separate from the main building. Our ISO Critical Power containers can also be installed next to existing facilities or infrastructure to provide additional power/plant room capacity or deployed as part of a containerised datacentre deployment and for air conditioning and fire prevention.

Containerized Critical Power Solution Advantages

Deploying containerised systems can lead to substantial cost and time to deploy savings compared to either expanding existing plant room space or constructing a new building. They can also reduce site impact installation time and scheduling of works concerning legacy power infrastructure upgrade planning and significantly minimise the risk of switching over to the new best practice Power solution.

Critical Power Modular Containerized systems are a winning solution as we build them from the inside out as part of our turnkey project solution.

Taking into account current and future growth – With a range of Modular power backbone configurations.

Financing Cap ex or Op-Ex with Reliable performance

With our range of finance solutions, including up to 10year leasing options, the right finance solution can be designed around your project and the budget you are trying to work within. Our modular containerised solutions are built to last and enjoy comprehensive warranties and service plans.

What Makes Critical Power Modular Containers Different.

Our approach is built with your power needs today and in the future in mind and we design and build the containers from the inside out.

Our flexible approach allows facilities managers up to CIO’s to select the right-sized systems and containers to suit their power needs today in the future. With our modular power solutions, power can easily be expanded as demand grows and new site loads come online without starting from the beginning.

Whether it is a Datacentre, Manufacturing plant or Forward operating base from either a provided specification of a feasibility study, our turnkey power projects can help you.

  • Containerised Modular Power Solutions up to 1200kVA, micro outdoor datacentres also available.
  • It can be located on the ground or on a building roof, subject to survey.
  • No non-sense, intelligent ISO containers that work, delivered in 20, 40 and 60-foot configurations.
  • Batteries and UPS are housed in an environmentally controlled environment.
  • Designed to work in the real world, ensuring we eliminate water and dust ingress, which brings risk into your Critical Power Path regardless of where they are deployed.
  • Secure IP 55 enclosures that are built to last and installed with a comprehensive guarantee.
  • Designed to complement and work with existing site requirements
  • Wide selection of security and fit-out options to suit your site or reduce a specific risk on a remote site.
  • Integral power distribution LV, Access security, and remote monitoring systems, including battery monitoring.
  • Short lead times, delivery fit-out, deployment, and connection
  • Optimal enhanced security solutions to eliminate specific risks.
  • Designed to blend into your environment/colour scheme designed around your brand.
  • In-life management to reduce your risk and provide guaranteed service levels.

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