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Riello multi sentry 10kva MST 10-T1 UPS (14 Minutes Runtime) - MST 10-T1

Part Number: MST 10-T1

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ETA 2 - 5 DAYS
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The Multi Sentry 10kVA/9kW uninterruptible power supply from Critical Power Supplies is an on-line double-conversion UPS. The UPS has a three phase input and output. Typical applications: Blade servers, comms rooms, server rooms and datacentres.

Multi Sentry has a very high operating efficiency (94%), high input power factor, advanced battery management and can work in one of several operating modes: On-line, Economy, Smart active and Standby/Off, as well as operating as a frequency converter.

Features and Benefits.

Multi Sentry UPS have been designed for an easy install, especially on sites with limited power capacity available, a generator and harmonic compatibility problems. Typical features include:

- Low input current distortion – less than 3%
- High input power factor 0.9
- Power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up
- Delayed start-up on mains power supply return
- Extended Runtime available upon request

The UPS also acts as a high performance filter to protect its supplies from load induced harmonics and reactive power.

Multi Sentry has a unique battery care system to optimise battery performance, extend working life and guarantee the UPS is fit to deliver its full-rated runtime when called upon to do so – in the event of a complete mains power failure. The UPS is designed to operate with a range of battery types: VRLA