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Riello Multi Power 2 Modular Online PCS 1600kVA UPS - M2S 1600 PCS

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  • Description

    The biggest challenge of our time is sustainability. This is the reason why we developed the Multi Power 2 Power Module based on the latest silicon carbide technology (SiC), which reduces cooling requirements whilst enabling more compact, more reliable, and more robust solutions.

    The UPS Power Modules could reach an efficiency of up to 98.1% in ON LINE double conversion, providing the best power supply to critical equipment whilst minimising operating costs and energy losses.

    High efficiency is achieved even in the case of extremely low loads thanks to the Efficiency Control Mode, where the system will automatically activate only the required number of UPS Power Modules, ensuring the highest efficiency and, at the same time, the required redundancy level.

    Multi Power 2 can also work in temperatures up to 40°C (without any derating), minimising the need for energy-intensive cooling systems.

    Extremely Flexible

    The Multi Power 2 has been conceived to meet the specific needs of each installation and quickly adapt to any load increase. Thanks to hot-swappable Power Modules, any increase in power can be done while the unit is still working in ON LINE double conversion without any disruption to the load.

    All the major components of the UPS are modular and can be easily added to and/or replaced, minimising the site intervention cost whilst avoiding any downtime.

    The range incorporates:

    1. MP2: up to 500 kW
    2. M2S: scalable from 1000 kW to 1600 kW

    The MP2 chassis can hold up to 8 Power Modules, while M2S has capacity for:

    1. M2S 1000 = up to 15 modules (20 slots in total)
    2. M2S 1250 = up to 19 modules (20 slots in total)
    3. M2S 1600 = up to 24 modules (30 slots in total)

    The spare slots are designed to offer users flexibility in terms of redundancy.

    Several configuration and frames are also available:

    • PCM: very compact solution with integrated manual bypass.
    • PC0: unit supplied with unique I/O and without switches to simplify the integration with the existing electrical infrastructure and to meet any space constraints.
    • PCS: fully integrated, for a complete, simple and very reliable installation, with main input, bypass, manual bypass and output switches.

    Reliable & Resilient

    The Multi Power 2 is extremely reliable as it is designed to avoid any single point of failure. This principle is applied to all the parts of the unit, even to the internal communication structure, which is completely redesigned and made with two separate and fully redundant high-speed buses.

    To provide the highest level of quality and process control, each component of the system, from the modules to the cabinet, is designed and manufactured in Italy. All modules and full units undergo specific tests to verify that each component operates correctly.

    All collected measurements and data are analysed to keep improving our products and provide our customers with the most up to date technologies. To enhance the lifespan of the UPS, each module incorporates status counters, as well as temperature and humidity sensors, providing real-time analytics for operators.

    Furthermore, thanks to embedded intelligence, power computing capacity, and outstanding connectivity, we can monitor remotely the status of the UPS and provide dynamic and bespoke after sales services.

  • Technical Data
    ModelsM2S 1600 PCS
    Cabinet typeM2S 1600 PCS Power Cabinet
    Power Module nominal power (Named PM)67 kW
    Solution nominal Power1600 kW
    Output power factor [pf]1
    Parallelable (up to)4
    Cabinet layout description24 x MP2 67 PM BLUE or 24 x MP2 67 PM
    Rated power1600000 VA
    Voltage380 / 400 / 415 V three-phase + N
    Frequency tolerance40 – 72 Hz
    Power factor0.99
    Rated voltage380 / 400 / 415 V three-phase + N
    Voltage toleranceFrom 180 V (adjustable 180-200) to 264 V (adjustable 250 – 264) referring to neutral (Ph-N)
    Rated frequency50 or 60 Hz (selectable)
    Frequency tolerance± 5% (selectable)
    Number phases3 + N
    Rated power1600000 VA
    Active power1600000 W
    Number phases3 + N
    Output Voltage380 / 400 / 415 V three-phase + N
    Dynamic stabilityEN62040-3 class performance 1 non linear load
    Frequency50 or 60 Hz
    Overload125% for 10 min.; 150% for 1 min.
    TypeVRLA AGM / GEL; NiCd; Li-Ion; Supercaps
    Type of chargingOne level, Two level, Cyclic recharge (selectable)
    ColorRAL 9005
    Communication10” Graphic touch screen display – UPS Status led bar – 3 slots for communication interface, 10 input and 8 output signals
    Protection ratingIP20 finger proof (either with cabinet doors open or close)
    AC/AC efficiencyUp to 98.1% with MP2 67 PM BLUE (ON LINE mode)
    Operating temperature0 °C – +40 °C
    Relative humidity5-95% non condensing
    StandardsEuropean directives: LV 2014/35/EU low voltage; EMC 2014/30/EU electromagnetic compatibility — Directive & Standards: Safety IEC EN 62040-1; EMC IEC EN 62040-2; RoHS compliant — Classification in accordance with IEC 62040-3 VFI – SS – 111
    Weight2815 kg
    Dimensions (h w d)2000 x 4000 x 1025 mm
    Input phases3
    Output phases3
  • Onsite Maintenance

    Onsite Maintenance is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Contact us for further information 24×7 on our sales number.

    1: Plug and Play (400-3kVA) – Extended Warranty Contracts from 1 to 5 years from £5.99 per month ex VAT

    For plug & play UPS Critical Power offers you a full range of distributed service packs. These competitively priced turn-key solutions optimize your UPS performances and enhance the availability of your equipment while meeting your financial constraints and technical requirements.

    Warranty Plus Extends your warranty up to 3 years, next working day replacementGreen tick
    Warranty Plus Extends your warranty up to 5 years, next working day replacementGreen tick
    Intervention, Provides one preventative maintenance visit, planned visitGreen tick
    Battery Plus, Provides replacement batteries to site, next working day replacementGreen tick
    Warranty One Extends your warranty up to 1 year, next working day replacementGreen tick

    2: Hardwired (4kVA Upwards– Onsite Maintenance Contracts from 1 to 5 years from £49.99 per month ex VAT

    No matter what, your UPS, Generator, Cooling, Switchgear or Electrical Hardware must be ready to perform at all times. While every power solution we supply is backed-up by a comprehensive warranty with the manufacturer, maintenance plans to ensure business continuity are highly recommended, particularly for UPS systems from 1kVA. In particular, the battery set is of prime importance, and must be in good working order. With other consumables, such as fans and DC capacitors requiring regular maintenance and inspection logs reviewed to predict potential future problems.

    Services Included

    Silver Level

    Gold Level

    Platinum Level


    Technical Hotline 24/7YesYesYesGreen tick
    Preventative MaintenanceYesYesYesGreen tick
    Remote Monitoring 24/7YesYesYesGreen tick
    Firmware UpgradesYesYesYesGreen tick
    Emergency ResponseYesYesYesGreen tick
    LabourYesYesYesGreen tick
    PartsYesYesYesGreen tick
    Monthly Event/Status ReportoptionoptionoptionGreen tick
    Onsite Crash KitoptionoptionoptionGreen tick
    Response Time12 working hours8 working hours4 clock hoursGreen tick

    3: 24×7 Remote Monitoring Contracts from 1 month to 5 years from £29.99 per month ex VAT

    Remote monitoring of UPS, Generators, Air Conditioning, Site Access and Environmental Systems is essential to allow swift offsite investigation of fault reports and real-time monitoring of the site status, allowing the correct response to be created and dispatched to site.

    Engineer Installation and configuration during normal hoursGreen tick
    24×7 flexible status and remote monitoring.Green tick
    Encrypted communication, allowing safe offsite monitoringGreen tick
    Alarms and events emailed and SMS texted automaticallyGreen tick
    Firewall FriendlyGreen tick
    Cloud based status overview and multiple sites status on one screenGreen tick
    Allows First Fix Response to SiteGreen tick

    4. IR Thermal Imaging Surveys – Infrared electrical inspection. Infrared electrical testing finds hot, dangerous problems quickly. Infrared electrical inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components.

    Detect system overloads, loose defective components and damaged switchgear. Infrared electrical testing finds hot, dangerous problems quickly. Infrared electrical inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components.

    Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so that problems can be corrected before a component fails, causing damage to the component, creating safety hazards and productivity loss. Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.

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